Activated - - NEWS - Koos Stenger is a free­lance writer in the Nether­lands. By Koos Stenger

“God is your fa­ther,” the young man said. “He came down at Christ­mas in hu­man form. Through Je­sus, you can know what God is like.” He looked at me with hope­ful eyes, but I wasn’t con­vinced. “A fa­ther cares,” he con­tin­ued. “A fa­ther watches over you and is al­ways there.”

I stared and shook my head. He was wrong. My fa­ther never cared, never watched over me and was never there. He left when I was three and it stained and wounded my heart. Mother did a great job, but Fa­ther…? No, I had no idea what it was like to have a fa­ther.

“That God is my fa­ther means noth­ing to me!” I an­swered. “I never had one.”

Now the young man stared at me. I could see him think I was a hope­less case. And in fact, I was pretty hope­less. As soon as I was able, I had left my home coun­try of the Nether­lands in search of truth and hap­pi­ness and was now in France. But so far, I had only found more lone­li­ness. I was bedrag­gled, hun­gry, cold, and above all, fatherless.

It was no won­der that the young man didn’t know what to do with me. He mum­bled “Happy Christ­mas” and left in a hurry.

Not that I had any prob­lems with Je­sus. All I had ever heard about Him were good things. He was kind, He healed the sick, He for­gave peo­ple. I wouldn’t mind know­ing His Fa­ther. But how?

I heard church bells and re­al­ized it was Christ­mas Eve. Should I go to that lit­tle coun­try church so I could flee my present dark­ness, if only for a mo­ment? I did.

The soft lights and the sing­ing lifted my spirit. And al­though I didn’t un­der­stand the ser­vice, since it was in French, my thoughts drifted to God.

Was He there? Did He un­der­stand?

God, they say You are a Fa­ther. I don’t know what that’s like.

I closed my eyes and stared into my own noth­ing­ness.

And then there was light. It shone into my dark­ness and touched me— warm and in­vig­o­rat­ing, serene and calm and un­de­ni­ably real.

Then a voice spoke to my heart. Not au­di­ble, but clear and dis­tinct, firm and lov­ing. I am the Fa­ther of the fatherless.

I was speech­less. There, sur­rounded by peo­ple I had never met and whose lan­guage I barely spoke, I learned that my true Fa­ther is re­ally al­ways there and that He loves me like no other fa­ther can.

Do you want God to be your Fa­ther too? All you have to do is ask Him in: Please come into my life and fill me with Your love and light. Help me to learn more about You and Your Son, Je­sus. Amen.

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