A Gift for Two Broth­ers

Fol­low the nudge

Activated - - FRONT PAGE - By Michael Owens Michael Owens and his wife, Maria, are mis­sion­ar­ies to their home field of South Florida.

Have you ever wanted to do some­thing to help some­one or longed to make a dif­fer­ence in the world, only to have your good in­ten­tions side­tracked by thoughts of why your ef­forts wouldn’t work?

One such oc­ca­sion hap­pened last sum­mer when my wife and I stopped to eat at a fast food res­tau­rant that serves fried chicken. Af­ter plac­ing our or­der, we brought our trays of food to a ta­ble in the mid­dle of the din­ing area.

At a ta­ble nearby sat two young men who were ob­vi­ously broth­ers. I no­ticed that they were shar­ing only one meal and it was the cheap­est and small­est one on the menu. Fur­ther­more, one of them didn’t look well at all.

The thought came: Buy them an­other meal. I started to get up to go place the or­der when an­other thought gave me pause: How are you go­ing to bring it to their ta­ble and of­fer it to them? They prob­a­bly won’t ac­cept char­ity from a to­tal stranger, and you’ll look like an idiot stand­ing there with a box of chicken in your hand! I im­me­di­ately sat back down. Af­ter long min­utes of ag­o­niz­ing, I leaned to­ward my wife and in a hushed tone ex­plained the sit­u­a­tion. She looked over at the broth­ers, then turned back to me, stat­ing, “If God is lay­ing on your heart to buy them a meal, that’s what you should do!”

Her en­cour­age­ment was ex­actly what I needed to hear, and I went to or­der more food for them. How­ever, I was still un­sure about walk­ing over to their ta­ble to give them the meal. But that prob­lem was soon solved.

The younger brother walked up next to me at the counter to ask for some ketchup. I asked him to wait for a minute longer, as the cooks were putting to­gether a meal box for him, a gift from us.

His eyes welled up as he ex­plained that his brother had a ter­mi­nal ill­ness and had been sent home from the hos­pi­tal to live out his fi­nal days with his fam­ily. “My brother loves fried chicken, so I brought him here to en­joy a meal. But I’m be­tween jobs right now and don’t have much money, so we’re shar­ing a meal. Thank you so much!”

Then it was my turn to tear up, re­al­iz­ing how close I came to miss­ing be­ing a bless­ing to these two broth­ers. My con­cern about the gift not be­ing re­ceived was to­tally un­founded. And my fol­low­ing through on God’s nudg­ing had brought a lit­tle bit of hap­pi­ness into their dif­fi­cult sit­u­a­tion.

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