The Golden Thread

Activated - - NEWS - By Iris Richard Iris Richard is a coun­selor in Kenya, where she has been ac­tive in com­mu­nity and vol­un­teer work since 1995.

Be­fore jump­ing into the day to tackle a long to-do list, I stopped for a half hour of de­vo­tional read­ing, prayer, and re­flec­tion. My Bi­ble fell open to He­brews 11, which is also called the Faith Chap­ter. As I read through the amaz­ing mir­a­cles faith had wrought through­out the ages, I re­al­ized that many of these ac­counts fit into my life as well. Since I had just turned 60, I spent some time re­flect­ing back on the road of faith I have trav­eled so far, and I came up with my own Faith Chap­ter:

Through Faith, I have had the strength to en­dure the many chal­lenges life has brought along my path.

By Faith, 20 years ago I ven­tured out to Africa, and God hasn’t failed in any of His prom­ises con­cern­ing my safety here.

Faith has pro­vided me with en­durance to cope with a chronic ill­ness and brought the right peo­ple along my path who helped me.

Through Faith, the cy­cle of giv­ing I em­barked upon many years ago has con­tin­ued, grown, and in­spired oth­ers to join in, and there has never been any lack.

With Faith, fi­nan­cial crunches were over­come and ob­sta­cles swept aside. When thick clouds cov­ered my path, they were lifted at just the right time and the view ahead be­came clear again.

When I reached ma­jor crossroads in life, Faith nudged me in the right di­rec­tion.

In times of dis­ap­point­ment, when Faith shone dim, the light of God’s Word re­vived its flame and rekin­dled new hope.

Through Faith, the pain brought on by the death of a child was healed, and I found com­fort in God’s Word.

Faith strength­ened through prayer wrought mir­a­cles, built bridges where there were none, and cre­ated pos­si­bil­i­ties out of seem­ing de­feat.

Faith brought vic­tory over sick­ness and op­po­si­tion, turn­ing dis­ad­van­tages into golden op­por­tu­ni­ties.

Faith shed light on the dark­est stretches of life’s jour­ney and shone through ev­ery tun­nel.

Through Faith, a friend was healed from cancer and gained the strength to reach out to com­fort oth­ers stricken by the dis­ease.

Faith brought new vi­sion when all seemed lost.

Through Faith, hard­ened hearts were soft­ened, lost souls were res­cued, and de­pres­sion was healed.

Faith has been the golden thread in the ta­pes­try of my life and has proved again and again that it is suf­fi­cient to weather any storm. If all was lost but faith in God and His good­ness, it would be no loss at all.

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