Activated - - NEWS - Dina El­lens lives in West Java, In­done­sia, where she is ac­tive in vol­un­teer work. By Dina El­lens

Some­times the great­est heroes are ac­tu­ally the un­sung lit­tle ones who live their lives with quiet courage. By their ex­am­ple, they leave an in­deli­ble mark. Eddy is one of those.

Ev­ery Satur­day morn­ing I vol­un­teer at the chil­dren's ward of a can­cer cen­ter, teach­ing English to the staff, pa­tients, and par­ents. I al­ways try to make it fun, us­ing up­beat songs and games, so that it's a time they can look for­ward to and that helps to get their minds off their pain, even if just for a lit­tle while. Eddy al­ways fol­lows along in­tently, his eyes bright with in­ter­est.

Last week, Eddy was wheeled into the room be­fore our les­son as usual. He was so cheer­ful, singing along en­thu­si­as­ti­cally and join­ing in the games, that I didn't pay at­ten­tion to a fresh ban­dage over the stump of his right leg. In fact, I didn't no­tice un­til one of the staff men­tioned Eddy had just come back from the hospi­tal where he'd had another 10 cen­time­ters am­pu­tated. “The doc­tors hope they got all the can­cer this time,” she said.

I watched as he rolled him­self around, cheer­fully in­ter­act­ing with the other chil­dren and his mother, and I mar­veled at his strength of spirit. Eddy is just 12 years old, and his par­ents are farm­ers from a nearby vil­lage. They dearly love their son and give him a lot of love and emo­tional sup­port, and as a re­sult, the boy bounced back from a sec­ond am­pu­ta­tion with courage and a cheer­ful at­ti­tude.

Re­turn­ing home later, I no­ticed that one of the sil­ver hoop ear­rings I'd worn that day was gone. I got a bit de­spon­dent, think­ing, Here I am, try­ing to do a good thing and cheer up the can­cer pa­tients and this is what I get! I searched my room, then the whole house and the drive­way. Still no ear­ring.

Then I felt bad about my grum­bling. I could al­most hear an au­di­ble voice say­ing, To­day, you lost your fa­vorite ear­ring—but Eddy lost 10 cen­time­ters of his leg!

Ac­cord­ing to the Bi­ble, there is noth­ing lost in God's king­dom. One day, ev­ery­thing will be re­stored and God will wipe away ev­ery tear. In

1 the mean­time, I'm sure that Eddy's quiet courage and brav­ery here on earth will in­spire oth­ers to count their bless­ings.

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