Activated - - NEWS - By Koos Stenger Koos Stenger is a freelance writer in the Nether­lands.

I dreamed that I was in­vited to a lux­u­ri­ous ban­quet. Ev­ery­thing around me shone with glory and splen­dor. Crys­tal gob­lets were filled with the best wines and all my fa­vorite dishes were present. Then there was the com­mand, “Eat and be happy.”

So I ate and was happy. By the time the desserts were served, I could hardly take another bite, and then …

… I heard the alarm clock. 6:00 am.

I awoke, and with a frus­trated sigh, hit the alarm clock and crawled out of bed. My stom­ach was growl­ing and I moved my weary body to the kitchen. No ex­quis­ite dishes, no wines, no desserts. Thank­fully, I still had a pack­age of oatmeal.

The food in our dreams tastes good, and of­ten even looks bet­ter than real food, but there's one ob­vi­ous prob­lem: it doesn't give us any strength.

Hu­mans hunger for more than food. The deep­est hunger in the hu­man life is the hunger for love. Deep within each heart is an empty spot that needs to be filled, and we are all in a des­per­ate search to fill it. But just like the won­der­ful food in our dreams doesn't fill our tum­mies, many things in this world look good but don't sat­isfy.

Our bodies need phys­i­cal food to keep them go­ing. But our spir­its can only be sat­is­fied with the Great Spirit of love who made us. If we con­fuse things and chase af­ter the wrong ones, we will wake up hun­gry when the alarm clock of life goes off and we en­ter eter­nity. We'll re­al­ize too late that we didn't ac­tu­ally eat any­thing that was of true value.

God gives our life pur­pose. He is the goal, the plan, and the vi­sion. Ev­ery­thing comes from Him and ev­ery­thing should be cen­tered on Him. Je­sus came to earth to tell us that we are not just a ran­dom ac­ci­dent in some un­known uni­verse, but that we were made in the im­age of our heav­enly Father with a plan and for a pur­pose. There is hope, and we are not just a speck of noth­ing­ness in an ocean of dark for­get­ful­ness. Are you look­ing for food that will sat­isfy your soul? Take a mo­ment now to in­vite Je­sus into your heart, so you too can “taste and see that the Lord is good.” Dear Je­sus, please come into my life, fill me with Your Spirit and love, and help me stay close to You al­ways. Amen.

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