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Re­mem­ber the time when I calmed the sea? My dis­ci­ples were pan­ick­ing and

1 thought that they would cer­tainly per­ish. But when they looked to Me for help, rather than look­ing at their cir­cum­stances, I came to their res­cue in spite of the waves and the storm.

It's the same for you. There are many waves, and you may even see storms brew­ing on the hori­zon of your life, but if you look to Me and the as­sur­ances of My love and care for you, of My wis­dom to guide you, you will find the an­swers you need. Th­ese wor­ries about the fu­ture are like the waves wash­ing over you and your lit­tle boat. The sit­u­a­tion around you is like a men­ac­ing storm. At times you might be tempted to think you will cap­size.

If you ask Me to calm the storm, I will. Or I will show you how to weather it. I will do it, just as I have al­ways done it for all those who have trusted in Me.

1. See Mark 4:37–41.

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