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POST K1ngston DATE Au­gust 1, 09:20

When I was in Sin­ga­pore Changi air­port yes­ter­day I bought some Bose in-ear sports headphones built specif­i­cally for train­ing pur­poses as they are sweat and rain­proof. I spent a long time look­ing at the dif­fer­ent op­tions. When you’re on a plane, what are your head­sets of choice?

AlanOr­ton1 Au­gust 1, 10:05

I’ve al­ways had trou­ble keep­ing in-ear ear­phones in my ear (they are for­ever fall­ing out). While I wouldn’t wear them to the gym, I have a pair of the Bose Quiet Com­fort 35s, which are ex­cel­lent. Two min­utes search­ing on­line (in the UK) pro­duced a num­ber of dif­fer­ent sup­pli­ers, all less ex­pen­sive than pur­chas­ing so called tax-free at Heathrow.

FDOS_UK Au­gust 1, 10:57

On busi­ness, when hand lug­gage space is at a pre­mium, I use Au­dio Tech­nica in-ear. For long-haul leisure travel I take Bose Quiet Com­fort 15 (over-ear), which are com­fort­able and have great noise-can­celling. The Au­dio Tech­nica noise-can­celling is not as good as the Bose, but it is good enough.

sea­soned trav­eller Au­gust 1, 12:25

I have used Bose for years and noth­ing per­forms bet­ter. I am cur­rently us­ing Bose Blue­tooth over-ear noise-can­celling headphones – the recharge­able built-in bat­tery has ex­cel­lent life and the sound is first rate.

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