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POST Jonathan Co­hen 09 DATE Sept 11, 16:28

How do you cal­cu­late value for money when it comes to air travel? I was speaking to some friends who are fre­quent trav­ellers and the conversation came around to whether we get value from the air­lines we fly with. If you pay for a J [busi­ness] class ticket are you get­ting value for what you have paid? Does any­one think you get value for money if you pay for a ticket in first class? In gen­eral, posters on this fo­rum do not seem to feel you get value for money if you pay for a C [short-haul busi­ness] class ticket in Europe, but is that view held by ev­ery­one?

blue mooner Sept 11, 21:15

In May 1977, I went to visit my in-laws to-be in Dur­ban (from Manch­ester). The cost of the re­turn econ­omy ticket was £416. Air France has just sent me an email say­ing that if I want to travel in Novem­ber it is £460. Ac­cord­ing to the in­fla­tion ta­bles, £100 in 1977 is worth £585 to­day. That would make the ticket about £2,400. I think we have lost sight of the value for money we get when fly­ing. You only have to look at inter-city rail fares to con­firm this.

K1ngston Sept 12, 00:34

As some­one who has just started their own busi­ness and has to travel all over Asia-Pa­cific, I have to weigh up value ver­sus safety ver­sus re­li­a­bil­ity. Gone are the days of busi­ness or pre­mium econ­omy travel gen­er­ally. As I won’t fly Malaysia Air­lines any more be­cause it is, frankly, the most un­re­li­able air­line in the re­gion, I will pay a small pre­mium to en­sure on-time de­par­tures. I don’t tend to fly low-cost car­ri­ers for busi­ness but do for leisure; the prob­lem is re­li­a­bil­ity, as times get stretched enor­mously if they start to run late through­out the day.

steve scoots Sept 12, 03:04

I have never paid for first class, only hav­ing flown it on free or point up­grades. I don’t see the value in such a huge cost dif­fer­ence be­tween F and J. That said, I guess it de­pends on your per­sonal wealth, whereby £10k for a seat may not be a lot of money. I tend to think of the to­tal cost dif­fer­ence, and that can cover many fac­tors, such as flight tim­ing. If it’s an overnight, then I am not in­ter­ested in wifi but if day­time, then wifi is a big saver as I can work in­stead of land­ing to 100-plus emails, then burn­ing through roam­ing costs on the drive to the ho­tel.

Ol­ney flyer Sept 12, 08:27

A lot of mid to large cor­po­ra­tions will de­ter­mine value for money by the number of hours you have to travel and what is ex­pected from you when you ar­rive.

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