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On“Star Trek: The Cruise” in the Western Caribbean I was sur­rounded by Vul­cans with pointed ears, an­gry­look­ing Klin­gons, blue An­do­ri­ans with an­ten­nae, green Ori­ons, and Yeo­man Rand looka­likes. There was a pur­pose to this cruise — to let Star Trek fans to­tally geek out. The crowd of 2,300 on Nor­we­gian Cruise Line’s Nor­we­gian Pearl came equipped with cos­tumes and body paint and an un­canny knowl­edge of all things Star Trek– re­lated. Folks showed off their Star Trek tat­toos, paid on­board makeup artists to give them Klin­gon fore­heads, and stood in line for their com­pli­men­tary photo with Wil­liam Shat­ner. Yes, Cap­tain James T. Kirk was on board, along with a dozen other ac­tors from the Star Trek fran­chise. The fans talked about their at­ten­dance at ComicCons and Star Trek con­ven­tions. They spoke Klin­gon. At trivia con­tests, they dis­played skills in re­mem­ber­ing the mi­nut­est as­pects of ev­ery show and movie. It was a Trekkie’s wildest fan­tasy come alive. What’s more is there’s Terry Far­rell (Jadzia Dax, the sci­ence of­fi­cer in Deep Space Nine) do­ing a yoga class; Ma­rina Sir­tis ( the half- hu­man, halfBe­ta­zoid Deanna Troi in The Next Gen­er­a­tion) play­ing black­jack; and yes, sign me up for the pub crawl with Robert O’Reilly ( Gowron from Deep Space Nine). Nor­we­gian Pearl was so tricked out as a float­ing ode to su­per fandom that you could al­most pre­tend you were on USS En­ter­prise. The el­e­va­tors mor­phed into “tur­bo­lifts” and Bliss Ul­tra Lounge was re­named “Leeta’s Lounge,” and hosted a Prox­ima Cen­tauri Bowl­ing Com­pe­ti­tion. Some late- night rev­el­ers dressed in Starfleet uni­forms or sexy alien wear, headed to up to 13 For­ward to im­bibe in such drinks as Alde­baran Whiskey. You could eat show-themed sushi or chateaubriand. En­ter­tain­ment and ac­tiv­i­ties took a turn at the next galaxy as well — a Fam­ily Feud be­tween Deep Space Nine and The Next Gen­er­a­tion was a laugh riot. This was not your typ­i­cal cruise, but to those • look­ing to “boldly go,” it was breath­tak­ing. Next year there will be two 6- day Star Trek: The Cruise sail­ings in Jan­uary, both on Nor­we­gian Jade and hosted by Ge­orge Takei (Sulu on the orig­i­nal se­ries).

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