Thrill-seeker uses he­lium bal­loons

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Th­ese amaz­ing pho­to­graphs show the mo­ment a thrill-seeker floated from 100 he­lium bal­loons above South Africa while strapped to a camp­ing chair.

A Bri­tish thrill-seeker has flown across South Africa — strapped to a camp­ing chair and car­ried by 100 bal­loons, wrote.

Tom Mor­gan, 38, drifted nearly 16 miles through the sky and reached a height of 1.5 miles af­ter spend­ing two days fill­ing the bal­loons with he­lium.

He had pre­vi­ously at­tempted the clus­ter bal­loon­ing stunt three times in Botswana be­fore fi­nally suc­ceed­ing north of Jo­han­nes­burg us­ing the last of his he­lium sup­ply.

Tom, from Bris­tol, added: “I found an ar­ti­cle on a 1905 gas bal­loon race and thought ‘we could do that’.

“The prob­lem was find­ing a good weather win­dow and it was dif­fi­cult to pro­tect the bal­loons as they kept burst­ing.

“It was com­pletely silent and the view was amaz­ing — the whole thing was mag­i­cal but I don’t think it will be a com­mer­cial suc­cess.” Bal­loons are filled with he­lium. The nerve-wrack­ing, two and a half hour flight took Tom close to the ap­proaches to Jo­han­nes­burg Air­port — but that was not his only con­cern.

He added: “I didn’t know what height the bal­loons would burst, or what the sun would do to them.

“At 8,000ft they started ac­cel­er­at­ing — into the flight path.”

The brightly col­ored party bal­loons needed 18×9 cu­bic me­ters of he­lium to get Tom off the ground.

The at­tempt was or­ga­nized by the thrill-seek­ing League of Ad­ven­tur­ists group and Tom was helped by Buddy Munro and Para­jet em­ployee Kester Hayne.

Th­ese amaz­ing pho­to­graphs show the mo­ment thrillseeker Tom Mor­gan floated from 100 he­lium bal­loons above South Africa while strapped to a camp­ing chair.

Tom’s friend Matt Dick­ens said: “The guys tried three times be­fore this in Botswana, but sadly gusts of wind shred­ded the bal­loons.

“The last suc­cess­ful at­tempt was the last of the he­lium sup­plies, so it was lit­er­ally an all or noth­ing at­tempt.”

Tom Mor­gan lands back on the ground in his chair.

He added: “Tom has been harp­ing on about do­ing some­thing with bal­loons for

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