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FOR 2013 I have five main res­o­lu­tions: Fit­ness: 2012 was a fun year for fit­ness. I was ac­tive in the lo­cal gym in Ti­na­hely, joined a steps class and kicks car­dio classes which were a lot of fun. I also took up tag rugby which was a hoot! In 2013 I want to keep up th­ese sports and def­i­nitely join an­other sum­mer league for Tag.

Singing: 2012 was a fun year with my choir, the Wolse­ley Singers in Tul­low. We prac­ticed most Mon­day nights, sang in the Na­tional Con­cert Hall with Paddy Cole and had a lot of fun. I know things were bad when I sang guide songs at our af­ter con­cert party! Singing is bet­ter than sex and choco­late ac­cord­ing to Maria Doyle Kennedy and what can I say! Writ­ing Ev­ery writer bat­tles for time to write and can make ex­cuses why they don't just write. In 2012 I drafted two books, one fic­tion and one non-fic­tion and I hope to do a whole lot more in 2013. I am also blog­ging a lot more on jil­lian­god­sil.com. Ac­tivism I be­came a re­luc­tant ac­tivist in 2012. I found my­self 'soap­box­ing' when­ever I got a chance. My main con­cern is the ris­ing num­ber of sui­cides over fi­nan­cial dis­tress. As this sub­ject is very close to home for me, I want to keep talk­ing and try­ing to help oth­ers. Fi­nan­cial fail­ure is not a shame­ful thing. Stuff hap­pens. As I ar­gue for bet­ter and more hu­mane debt laws in this coun­try, I also be­lieve in liv­ing even as we sur­vive. Kind­ness I was very lucky in be­ing the re­cip­i­ent of many acts of kind­ness in 2012. I hope to be able to pay it for­ward in 2013.

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