Is your thy­roid killing your weight loss and en­ergy?


IR­ISH Di­eti­cian, Fit­ness Trainer & Mo­ti­va­tion Coach, David McDonagh says that noth­ing can af­fect your en­ergy, health and weight loss like low thy­roid func­tion. “It dras­ti­cally lim­its your get up and go and ages you well be­yond your years. It can mean you are op­er­at­ing at 66% or 50% of your nor­mal power – men­tally and phys­i­cally!” he claims.

McDonagh, who is the cre­ator of the Sys­tem 10 Pre­ci­sion Weight Loss pro­gramme, says that for those los­ing weight poor thy­roid can make it al­most im­pos­si­ble be­cause you burn 400 or 500 calo­ries less than nor­mal per day. In­deed it can limit or stop your weight loss no mat­ter how much di­et­ing or ex­er­cise you do. And the un­der­eat­ing of poor di­ets makes the sit­u­a­tion dras­ti­cally worse.

Thy­roid hor­mones af­fect the out­put of vir­tu­ally ev­ery cell in the body from head to toe. Low thy­roid can be at the root cause of de­pres­sion. It can slow your di­ges­tion and cause con­sti­pa­tion. It af­fects en­ergy pro­duc­tion, fer­til­ity and sex drive. It of course causes weight gain. It stresses the body and can greatly con­trib­ute to stom­ach fat. In our hur­ried and stressed life­style the thy­roid is one of the most beaten up glands of all!

“Un­for­tu­nately cur­rent blood test­ing helps very lit­tle. The hor­mones typ­i­cally tested (TSH and T4) do not give enough in­for­ma­tion. We should at the very least be test­ing the T3 hor­mone too! The ranges of ‘nor­mal­ity’ are also too wide and al­low a lot of peo­ple go un­di­ag­nosed. Many peo­ple who pass blood tests still have mul­ti­ple signs of low thy­roid func­tion” says McDonagh.

So im­por­tant is your thy­roid that ev­ery­one can do with giv­ing it a lit­tle bit of help and tlc! For some peo­ple this will trans­form their whole ex­is­tence. Through good food, great nutri­tion and pre­cise ex­er­cise we work on build­ing ev­ery­one’s thy­roid up nat­u­rally.

If you are strug­gling with your weight, en­ergy, health and your zest for life then you can visit the new Sys­tem 10 Clinic which is now avail­able in Bray. Sys­tem 10 is the only plan World­wide that pre­cisely com­bines the 3 keys – diet, ex­er­cise and me­tab­o­lism correction for your eas­i­est and best weight loss ever and helps to re­store your en­ergy and health back to bet­ter lev­els. Ph. (01) 2040333 to­day or fol­low them on Face­book – www. face­book. com/ sys­tem10wick­low.

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