Shane’s view in­sen­si­tive to work­ing mums


I'M SURE there were plenty of work­ing moth­ers in­censed by the com­ments of former Boy­zone mem­ber Shane Lynch this week who said he couldn't pos­si­bly be mar­ried to a woman who worked out­side the home.

While ev­ery­one is en­ti­tled to their opin­ion I think it was pretty in­sen­si­tive of him to spout such opin­ion at a time when so many peo­ple are forced to go out to work just to pay the mort­gage and put food on the ta­ble.

For a start in this day and age it is a very rare thing to find any young hus­band and fa­ther that would be so tra­di­tional in his views, and rarer to find one that would have the neck to voice them pub­li­cally.

While each and ev­ery cou­ple de­cides how best their fam­ily and house­hold runs it bears think­ing about that many peo­ple sim­ply don't have that choice any­more.

The choice about whether to work is out of a lot of peo­ple's hands and stay­ing at home to raise their chil­dren is not an op­tion no mat­ter how much they would like to be in that po­si­tion.

For both moth­ers and fa­thers it must be a ter­ri­ble pres­sure to have to split them­selves in so many pieces in a bid to pro­vide for their fam­ily.

While a par­ent might pre­fer to be the pri­mary carer for their chil­dren the bills need paying and the ma­jor­ity of house­holds, es­pe­cially those pur­chased in the boom re­quire two salaries to stay afloat.

It's all very well and good for a celebrity such as Lynch to say that life isn't for him when he has earned mil­lions in his day and yes he is lucky to have the op­tion of trav­el­ling the world to work while his wife stays at home mind­ing the kids.

Those many peo­ple who do sac­ri­fice a ca­reer for the sake of their fam­ily of­ten do so at the ex­pense of hav­ing any dis­cre­tionary ex­pen­di­ture and re­solve to cut their cloth where spend­ing is con­cerned.

Some­thing has to give in th­ese cases be­cause it is sim­ply not a clear cut de­ci­sion.

There is also the ar­gu­ment that why is it deemed a neg­a­tive thing that both par­ents go out to work?

If a per­son has stud­ied and worked for years to build a suc­cess­ful ca­reer when why should they sac­ri­fice it to stay at home when they feel they can bal­ance work and home life?

The de­bate will al­ways rum­ble on but times have changed and any­one who thinks that be­ing mar­ried to a work­ing mother is a ter­ri­ble thing needs to get a re­al­ity check.

Fformer Boy­zone mem­ber Shane Lynch this week who said he couldn't pos­si­bly be mar­ried to a woman who worked out­side the home.

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