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RAPE VIC­TIM Fiona Doyle says she is ‘ to­tally dev­as­tated’ by the sen­tence handed down to her fa­ther Pa­trick O’Brien.

‘For him to walk out of here to­day with­out serv­ing one day, just one day, it’s just dev­as­tat­ing. We are to­tally dev­as­tated by the whole thing.’

Her 72-year-old fa­ther who raped his daugh­ter over a 10-year pe­riod, was sen­tenced to 12 years, with nine of those sus­pended due to his ill health. He was re­leased on bail pend­ing his ap­peal.

O’Brien, of Old­court Av­enue, in Bray, started raping Fiona when she was just seven years old in 1973.

Judge Paul Car­ney told the Cen­tral Crim­i­nal Court this week that this was ‘one of the worst cases of abuse of a daugh­ter that you could pos­si­bly find’.

Speak­ing last night, Taoiseach Enda Kenny said he hoped other rape vic­tims would not be dis­cour­aged from coming for­ward in the wake of the out­come of the Fiona Doyle rape case, which the Taoiseach said ‘ had filled the na­tion with re­vul­sion’.

RAPE VIC­TIM Fiona Doyle has said that she is ' to­tally dev­as­tated' by the sen­tence handed down to her fa­ther Pa­trick O'Brien.

'He raped me for ten years and he walks out of here to­day. I feel like the sys­tem has done it to me too. This is my sec­ond time go­ing back at this and try­ing to get this to court,' she said out­side the Cen­tral Crim­i­nal Court on Mon­day.

‘It's been proven that I've be­ing telling the truth. Last week I felt great, I was vin­di­cated and I was told I was telling the truth. He ad­mit­ted it. He pleaded guilty.

‘(But) for him to walk out of here to­day with­out serv­ing one day, just one day, it's just dev­as­tat­ing. We are to­tally dev­as­tated by the whole thing.'

'I just don't know what else to say.. I'm a fighter and I'll come back again.'

In her vic­tim im­pact state­ment read out to the court, Fiona said her mother al­most cer­tainly knew what her fa­ther would do when her mother went out.

'My mother went off to bingo, leav­ing me at the mercy of my fa­ther. Al­most cer­tainly know­ing what he would do to me. My fa­ther raped me that night. I re­mem­ber ly­ing in bed that night but be­ing un­able to sleep be­cause of the pain”.

Speak­ing out­side the court about waiv­ing her anonymity she said: 'I wanted ev­ery­one to know what he did to me.

'Too many peo­ple have.. turned their back on me,' she said, adding that she wanted ev­ery­one to know what she had gone through over the years.

' The fam­ily we lost, the friends. My daugh­ter, my grand­chil­dren. The price of this has just been too high for us. I just can't be­lieve that this has hap­pened.'

Asked if he has ever said sorry, Ms. Doyle said: 'No, never. He never said sorry.

'I don't know what's go­ing to hap­pen now. All I can do is just wait and see. I just need to make sure that we're ok and that my kids are ok.'

'From the early age of eight to ten I was called my fa­ther's whore. Those words will ring in my head for the rest of my life. And so will to­day.'

Dur­ing the hear­ing, De­tec­tive Garda Dar­ragh Phe­lan said there was a cul­ture of fear and vi­o­lence in the home and that Fiona Doyle's mother would call her a whore while beat­ing her.

'Ms Doyle said she be­lieves her mother knew about the abuse and that she was cast as ‘the other woman' in an ‘evil mar­riage', said the garda.

The chair­woman of the Dublin Rape Cri­sis Cen­tre Ellen O'Mal­ley Dun­lop de­scribed the de­ci­sion to sus­pend the ma­jor­ity of O'Brien's sen­tence as mys­ti­fy­ing.

‘It does not give a pos­i­tive mes­sage to oth­ers who had coura­geously re­ported heinous crime,' she said.

Pa­trick O’Brien

➥ at the Cen­tral Crim­i­nal Court where he was con­vited of raping his daugh­ter Fiona Doyle (be­low) over a ten-year pe­riod.

■ Pa­trick O’Brien who re­peat­edly raped his daugh­ter over a ten-year pe­riod.

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