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Bray People - - COMMENT -

WHY RUN? I WOULD not de­scribe my­self as a builder; I work in con­struc­tion and keep an open mind on my sur­round­ings. One day in 2003 while on a build­ing site, I was talk­ing to a man and I said to him I could not un­der­stand how people could af­ford these houses – his story is, him­self and his wife were work­ing in Dublin so they needed two cars to travel to work and at the end of the month when the mort­gage and cars were paid they had the price of a pizza left over. This can­not be right, this can­not last - but last it did for an­other five years co­erc­ing many more trust­ing fam­i­lies. Crazy! And no one is do­ing a thing about it. Houses cost €80,000 to build and sell­ing for €340,000. Where were our coun­selors and politi­cians? Adding an­other €15,000 -€30,000 for so called pub­lic ameni­ties?

I can re­call go­ing into lo­cal hall to vote when Brian Cowan was Taoiseach think­ing this man must see some­thing I can­not, this can­not last, but he must see some­thing? Af­ter all he is get­ting €5,000 a week to do his job! More fool me (no more) and the rest is con­tin­u­ing to make his­tory with you and I car­ry­ing the bur­den.

Some­one has to chal­lenge these so called great in­sti­tu­tions builders, bankers, coun­cils. It is not right that hard-pressed fam­i­lies should have to pay crazy money for 30 years to make these people rich! I put my­self for­ward, to chal­lenge these in­sti­tu­tions.


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