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YOU CAN’T beat a good old post-match ban­ter and last weekend the Wick­low Se­nior foot­ballers cer­tainly obliged for their Twit­ter fol­low­ers.

Over the past while, Bless­ing­ton supremo, Anthony McLough­lin has of­fered pearls of wis­dom in the hours af­ter the fi­nal whis­tle.

How­ever on Sun­day evening, with no pearl ap­pear­ing on the old Twit­ter ma­chine, his Wick­low col­league, Daragh O’Sul­li­van, be­came slightly im­pa­tient.

Daragh O'Sul­li­van @TheSluman13 - @An­tomac89 - I'm wait­ing on your post match tweet??

To which the rarely spotted on Twit­ter, Rath­new’s Damien Power, chirped in - damien power - @damopower12 - @TheSluman13 @An­tomac89 - it's tra­di­tion.

There then arose a dis­cus­sion con­cern­ing Anthony hav­ing re­ceived some ad­vice on us­ing the Twit­ter ma­chine from his Balt­in­glass friend, John McGrath. But, still wait­ing on that pearl, Daragh O’Sul­li­van was hav­ing none of it.

Daragh O'Sul­li­van - @TheSluman13 - @damopower12 @An­tomac89 - it's got nout to do with @john_m­c_­grath I'll give you ten mins.

But McGrath’s in­ter­ven­tion had shaken McLough­lin to the core.

Anthony McLough­lin - @An­tomac89 - @TheSluman13 @damopower12 @john_m­c_­grath - con­fi­dence is shook.

Quick to as­suage any hurt the Balt­in­glass mae­stro of­fered a help­ing hand - John McGrath - @john_m­c_­grath - @An­tomac89 @TheSluman13 @damopower12 I'll help you with it Anto #roleon­nex­tweek - be­fore tak­ing us all on a lit­tle tan­gent into the Twi­light Zone - P.S. #grease is on E4 now #someshow #oldie. But wait, there was worse to come. John McGrath - @john_m­c_­grath - @An­tomac89 @TheSluman13 @damopower12 - I feel a song com­ing on #Greased #ohsandy #drivein And then he was in free fall mode. John McGrath - @john_m­c_­grath - @An­tomac89 @TheSluman13 @damopower12 In fair­ness Sandy can do both #naughty & #nice #trans­for­ma­tion #grease #bet­ter­shapeup

The Straight-talk­ing ‘Sluman’ (Daragh O’Sul­li­van) tried to nip McGrath’s enthusiasm in the bud.

Daragh O'Sul­li­van - @TheSluman13 @john_m­c_­grath @An­tomac89 @damopower12 - you drunk or what??

McGrath, hurt by this at­tack on his mu­si­cal taste, hit back im­me­di­ately.

@john_m­c_­grath - @TheSluman13 @An­tomac89 @damopower12 - A guy can en­joy #grease with­out a al­co­holic bev­er­ages #Tra­volta is an in­spi­ra­tion.

But then, fresh from his match-sav­ing tackle in the Wick­low v Water­ford game in Aughrim the cool-headed Damien Power weighed in with some com­mon sense.

damien power @damopower12 - @john_m­c_­grath @TheSluman13 @An­tomac89 - pre­ferred him in Satur­day night fever #jivetalkin.

Ap­pre­ci­at­ing this cul­tural wis­dom, Daragh O'Sul­li­van com­mended Power on his ac­tions.

@TheSluman13 - @damopower12 @john_m­c_­grath @An­tomac89 - boy Damo you don't come that of­ten but when you do it makes sense??

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