The People's De­bate with Vin­cent Browne, Wed­nes­day April 2nd TV3 10 pm

It's a bit like pick­ing a scab - you know you shouldn't do it and it will hurt, but you do it any­way! The first People's De­bate aver­age an im­pres­sive 185,300 view­ers last month but many of those would have been tun­ing in for the nov­elty fac­tor I sus­pect. Let's see how Vin­cenzo does this month with the mo­tion, "The Lib­er­a­tion of Women in Ire­land has yet to be ac­com­plished." Get ready to burn your bras!

The Trip to Italy, Fri­day April 4th BBC 2 10 pm

There have been some changes in the lives of Rob Bry­don and Steve Coogan since their maiden voy­age around the Lake District in

2010. Coogan has been liv­ing a life of ab­sti­nence in LA and Bry­don has been based in the UK. Coogan spent most of his time ir­ri­tated by his com­pan­ion in the first se­ries but it ob­vi­ously hasn't put him off be­cause they're back do­ing it again, this time in Italy. Ex­pect hi­lar­ity, stun­ning scenery and de­li­cious food!

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