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FOR ME the real star of fish and chips is the bat­ter (which must be cooked through with no raw bat­ter in­side). It should be well sea­soned made us­ing ei­ther lager or malt vine­gar. When cooked and first cut into, the bat­ter should give a crunch to ex­pose the flakes of soft fish flesh, fall­ing apart from it’s per­fectly steamed en­ve­lope of bat­ter.

When mak­ing chips I like to use a floury potato such as rooster, once you have soaked them in wa­ter and just prior to putting them into the deep fryer, pat them dry with a tea towel or kitchen paper. Once cooked sprin­kle lib­er­ally with some vine­gar and sea salt and a side of mushy peas!

If you’re go­ing for the au­then­tic sea side look, serve your chips in a small bucket (these are avail­able at most DIY stores), or al­ter­na­tively make some cones from news­pa­pers. Best en­joyed served im­me­di­ately.


Noth­ing beats the crispy crunch and the del­i­cate flavour of bat­ter-fried fish, this is my recipe for a crunchy bat­ter.

Serves 4

4 Por­tions Fresh Cod (Be sure the fil­lets are bone­less skin­less) 100ml Soda or sparkling wa­ter 240ml Lager 75g corn flour 200g plain flour + dust­ing 1 tsp Salt and pep­per mixed 4 wedges of lemon


4 - 6 Large Pota­toes

To make the beer bat­ter, sift the flour and corn­flour into a bowl, and some sea­son­ing. Make a well in the cen­tre and add the lager and wa­ter, then grad­u­ally whisk into the flour mix­ture un­til you have achieved a smooth bat­ter. The bat­ter should be trans­ferred to a re­frig­er­a­tor for a min­i­mum of 30 min­utes, longer if pos­si­ble be­fore use.

Dust the fish por­tions in a light coat­ing of flour and then dredge in the bat­ter, shak­ing off any ex­cess. Deep-fry for about 5 min­utes in a pre­heat deep fryer or un­til cooked through and golden brown. You may have to do this in batches depend­ing on the size of your fryer. If you are cook­ing larger pieces of fish start cook­ing it in the fryer and then trans­fer to the oven to fin­ish cook­ing.

Wash and peel the pota­toes. Cut the pota­toes into thick cut chips and store in wa­ter un­til re­quired. Deep fry in hot oil 180°C un­til fully cooked. Serve the fish and chips in lit­tle news­pa­per cones , and a wedge of lemon and en­joy.

“Noth­ing beats the crispy crunch and the del­i­cate flavour of bat­ter-fried fish”

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