I like my ‘me time’ ... with a good box set


THERE IS noth­ing to equal fam­ily-life; no two days are the same, there is al­ways some drama go­ing on and fa­cil­i­tat­ing mv loved ones on a daily ba­sis surely makes me a bet­ter per­son. That said, I will ad­mit to times when I feel a lit­tle dose of soli­tary liv­ing would not go amiss at all.

This was my thought when as a fam­ily we took an in­ven­tory of what we had yet to watch i.e. on the telly (please be­lieve we are marginally more in­ter­est­ing that this might make us sound). On ac­count of the de­mands of well. fam­ily- life, we don't get to watch much TV.

As a re­sult be­tween our box-sets, our down­loads and the odd record­ing, we have built for our­selves a neat lit­tle bun­dle of shows yet to be viewed.

For ex­am­ple, we must be the only in­di­vid­u­als walk­ing the earth not to bear wit­ness to “Break­ing Bad”; we only ever watch the” Good Wife” in batches and if per chance we tape a movie, in­vari­ably it is deleted in favour of re­leas­ing record­ing space for pro­grammes we never get to see.

There­fore, it was quite the rebel in me that sug­gested we down­load a whole new com­mit­ment - the highly-cel­e­brated “Game of Thrones” se­ries. I sparked an up­ris­ing. I was promptly re­minded that the last two se­ries of “The Wire” were still pend­ing. They pointed out that the “The Fol­low­ing” never got to be fol­lowed.

And al­though no one wanted to men­tion it (but they did), my sug­gested tap­ing of “Vik­ings” was still await­ing an out­ing. So in the in­ter­est of well.fam­ily-life, I let it go.

That is un­til an un­prece­dented Sun­day af­ter­noon when I found I had the house to my­self. The world was my oys­ter but more to the point, so was the telly. Dar­ingly, I brought up the list­ings, boldly I let my fin­ger hover over down­loads and in de­fi­ance of fa­mil­ial con­sen­sus, I pressed the for­bid­den but­ton and “Game of Thrones” was all mine.

It is a fan­tasy drama about fam­ily, loy­alty, kings and king­doms. I was three episodes in be­fore my trea­son was un­veiled. Had I been snort­ing some­thing il­le­gal all af­ter­noon, they could not have been more in­dig­nant. But the blood, guts and gore - the key­stones of this great epic - served me well; to be the con­quered or the con­queror?

So in a deft move against so-called democ­racy, I pulled rank, claimed the realm and seized my throne. I didn't cut any­one's head off nor did I sever any limbs, I merely did what any other mother would do in the same sit­u­a­tion; I listed ad-nau­seum ev­ery last thing I do for them, I in­jected them with a gen­er­ous mea­sure of guilt and I com­manded peace and quiet along with a fourth episode of my new ad­dic­tion.

It was a good les­son in how fa­cil­i­tat­ing me makes them bet­ter people.

Note: Due to strong lan­guage and scenes of an adult na­ture, Game of Thrones is not suit­able for fam­ily view­ing.

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