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Fair City

As Tommy pre­pares his next move against Ju­dith, Garda Maguire works on rac­ing the stalk­ers calls. Bob asks Garda Maguire for a word in pri­vate and con­fides in him that it might be pos­si­ble that Tommy is the cul­prit.

Later the Garda pays a visit to Tommy to ask him for an al­ibi. Tommy is re­lieved when Jane says that she will be his al­ibi, not want­ing his chil­dren to find out that he is a sus­pect.

Mean­while Paul and Ni­amh make last minute prepa­ra­tions as the open­ing day for the new de­vel­op­ment fi­nally ar­rives. How­ever Ni­amh’s world is hurled into tur­moil when a dark se­cret from her past comes back to haunt her.

Else­where, with Kerry out of the way. Kerri-Ann has a new ad­mirer. Later Ju­dith is paral­ysed with fear when she re­ceives a DVD from he stalker. She is even more ter­ri­fied when she re­alises that her stalker has been film­ing her.

Mean­while, as Ni­amh’s anx­i­ety about Michael grows, ten­sion be­tween Michael and Cal­lum es­ca­lates, Ni­amh tries to plant the seed of doubt about Michael to Paul, but he is hav­ing none of it.

When Michael does a good job, Paul lets it slip that Ni­amh wanted to let him go, which leaves him stunned at this rev­e­la­tion. Later on, Michael con­fronts Ni­amh and says that he has no in­ten­tions of de­stroy­ing her life - he just needs a job. And Wayne is de­ter­mined to make the wed­ding spe­cial for Orla.

Corona­tion Street

Carla is fu­ri­ous that Peter has been drink­ing again. Un­der pres­sure Peter makes out that its be­cause of the pres­sure he is un­der to the per­fect hus­band and fa­ther. Carla is unim­pressed and gives Peter an ul­ti­ma­tum, give up the booze or she’ll give up the baby.

Maria’s ir­ri­tated as she lis­tens to Fiz and Ty­rone, clearly the happy cou­ple. She fol­lows Todd out of the pub and launches a tirade of abuse at him but when Todd re­tal­i­ates, Maria can take no more and throws her mo­bile at him. Ty­rone com­forts Maria, but is she wish­ing they were more than just friends?

Anna fights back the tears as Izzy thanks Anna for sort­ing out the fam­ily’s prob­lems and as Owen reaches out to touch Anna, she flinches. Also, Steve’s pleased when Lloyd and An­drea ar­rive in the Rovers loved up. Kevin lays down the law to Mad­die.

Maria loses her tem­per with Eileen and Todd when they threaten to re­port her to the po­lice. See­ing her dis­tress, Ty­rone steps in and guides her home where Maria pours her heart out to him. But as she leans in for a kiss, how will Ty­rone re­act?

Carla tells Peter he needs a stint in re­hab and Steve is com­ing round to babysit him. he begs Steve to let him have a drink, but Steve re­fuses. Peter tells Carla he doesn’t need a chap­er­one, but Carla takes out her phone. Who will she call?


Hurt that Lee chose her over Whit­ney, Lucy is de­ter­mined to get Lee’s at­ten­tion, invit­ing him over to the empty restau­rant. As they kiss pas­sion­ately, they don’t re­alise that Jake is watch­ing. When Lee tell’s Lucy she is beau­ti­ful, she’s so in­se­cure that she breaks down. Ian and Jane are in­ter­viewed by the paper about the new restau­rant. They’re em­bar­rassed when the re­porter as­sumes they’re still mar­ried. When Cindy later hears Ian singing Lucy’s praises over Peter, she’s an­noyed, sug­gest­ing Ian take a look in Lucy’s jew­ellery box first. What is hid­den there?

Mick en­lists Les Coker to help him wind up Stan and get him to do more around the house. While Mick makes the most of Lee’s last few days be­fore his re­turn to the army, he en­cour­ages Nancy to stage a pool tour­na­ment in the Vic.

Lucy and Lee have spent the night to­gether, ian, Jane and Fat­boy head to the restau­rant and are stunned to find them to­gether. Later, Ian con­fronts Lucy and they have a heart to heart, but Peter over­hears Ian say­ing Lucy is the child he is most proud of. Wor­ried about an up­set Peter, Lucy fol­lows when he bolts from the house, leav­ing Ian with some harsh words. Lucy bumps into Max, re­buff­ing him when he in­vites her to a ho­tel.

On her way to the Mitchell sis­ter’s house­warm­ing, Lucy changes her plans af­ter see­ing a mys­tery email. Later Lucy’s life­less body lies on Wal­ford Com­mon!

Mean­while, Denise vis­its Libby alone when Ian can­cels to deal with his fam­ily. Re­al­is­ing that she doesn’t love Ian, Denise de­cides to break things off. Re­turn­ing to an empty house, she re­moves her en­gage­ment ring.


Char­ity seems de­ter­mined to have a ter­mi­na­tion, as soon as pos­si­ble, but is her se­cret out when Me­gan finds the pre­gancy test box? De­clan finds him­self ask­ing a per­ti­nent ques­tion when he tries to talk Char­ity out of hav­ing a ter­mi­na­tion. And when they re­tire to the Wool­pack later, Jai wants to know why she’s hav­ing a baby with De­clan.

Cain dis­ap­points Moira when he says he wants to put the wed­ding plans on hold be­cause of Belle - but ev­ery­one else seems to think it should go ahead as planned. The lo­cals have a sur­prise for them, but their plans seem to go awry when the vicar puts a span­ner in the works.

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