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MY SIS­TER Linda felt that she looked ten years older, her face, she thought, looked hag­gard , tired, drained and older look­ing than she should. She is young, I can't give away her age on her, but too young to be feel­ing that she looked so worn out.

As you can imag­ine work­ing at a health store means that you are al­ways try­ing some­thing new. So when a new range of skin care prod­ucts ar­rived promis­ing fresher look­ing skin, Linda de­cided to give them a try.

Af­ter only a cou­ple of days of us­ing the col­la­gen restora­tive mois­turiser I could see a dif­fer­ence in her skin. She hadn't told me she had changed any­thing but I no­ticed that she looked fresher, clearer and brighter.

She was de­lighted be­cause she had no­ticed it her­self and was pleased that some­one had seen the im­prove­ments too.

Linda has sen­si­tive skin and needs to be care­ful what she uses, she needs nat­u­ral prod­ucts with­out any harsh chem­i­cals in­clud­ing paraben preser­va­tives or nasty ad­di­tives.

Ar­ti­fi­cial or strong scents will send her sneez­ing so she needs nat­u­ral gen­tle scents.

She likes the fact that ev­ery­thing in the prod­uct comes from na­ture, 100% nat­u­ral. It's amaz­ing that the prod­uct range is still mixed by hand, much like you would do if you were mak­ing them yourself in the kitchen.

The Aubrey col­la­gen restora­tive mois­turiser is prov­ing to be per­fect for her. It's a firm­ing, restora­tive mois­turiser with the con­di­tion­ing power of col­la­gen and elastin, both of which are pro­teins found in the skin. To­gether they help to hold mois­ture in and im­prove the tex­ture of the skin. It con­tains Laven­der oil, Aloe Vera, hy­drolyzed elastin, sol­u­ble col­la­gen and argan oil.

We all love our own brand of skin care and we're of­ten re­luc­tant to change but Linda is re­ally glad that she did. She looks fab!

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