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Wed­nes­day, April 23 Un­der-14 Hurl­ing League in Gle­nealy at 11.30am - Gle­nealy v Ti­na­hely (Ref. A. Nolan) - Gle­nealy to change jer­seys.

Un­der-14 Hurl­ing League in An­nacurra at 7.20pm - Avon­dale v Carnew Emt. (Ref. D. Byrne)

Un­der-14 Foot­ball League - All games at 7pm un­less stated - Sec­tion A: Bray Emts. v St. Pa­tricks (Ref. A. Nolan); St. Nicks v Balt­in­glass (Ref. P. Dunne) Un­der-14 Foot­ball League Sec­tion B - An Tochar v Rath­new (Ref. N. Kinsella); Eire Og v New­town ( Ref. I. Cul­bert); St. Kevins v Ml. Dwyers (Ref. J. Whyte) Un­der-14 Foot­ball League Sec­tion C - Clan Na Gael v Coolkenno (at 7.20pm) (Ref. P. Hickey); Ash­ford v Barn­dar­rig (Ref. B. Mor­gan); Knock­ananna v Kil­bride-Lacken (Ref. L. Keenan) Fri­day April 25 At 7.00pm Un­der-12 Foot­ball League - Bless­ing­ton v St. Pa­tricks (Ref. D. Byrne); Balt­in­glass v Eire Og (Ref. J. Whyte); An­nacurra v Aughrim (Ref. E. Do­herty); Kil­te­gan v Coolkenno (Ref. C O'Rourke) Satur­day, April 26 All games at 2.00pm Un­der-14 Hurl­ing Feile at Bal­li­nakill Reg­is­tra­tion - 1.15pm to 1.45pm - Games com­mence 2pm Please con­firm to the fix­tures sec­re­tary that your club will def­i­nitely be at­tend­ing on Satur­day next - ARP, Avon­dale, Bray Emts. Carnew Emt, Gle­nealy, Eire Og/Kil­coole, Ti­na­hely; Michael Dwyers, St. Patrick's Mon­day April 28 All games at 7.00pm Un­der-16 Hurl­ing League - Avon­dale v Bray Emts. (Ref. D. Byrne); Cill C. Gaels v Gle­nealy (Ref. A. Nolan); M. Dwyers v Ark­low Rocks (C. Flem­ing) Un­der-12 Hurl­ing League Group 1 - St. Patrick's v Fer­gal Og (Ref. P. Hickey); Ti­na­hely v Avon­dale (Ref. L. Keenan); Western Gaels v Kil­te­gan (Ref. P. Dunne); Barn­dar­rig v Ark­low Rocks (M. Owens)

Group 2 - Bray Emts v Eire Og (Ref. C. O Ceadaigh); Kil­coole v Gle­nealy (Ref. E. Do­herty) Wed­nes­day April 30 All games at 7pm un­less stated. Un­der-14 Hurl­ing League Round 3 (At Ki­coole) - Cill Chom.Gaels v Avon­dale; Carnew Emts. v Ark­low Rocks; Ti­na­hely v St. Patrick's at (7.20pm); Gle­nealy v Ml .Dwyers at (7.20pm) Thurs­day May 1 At 7.15pm Un­der-14 Foot­ball League 1B at Bal­ly­money GAA pitch - A.G.B. v Avon­dale (Ref. J. Keenan) Mon­day May 5 At 7.15pm Un­der-16 Foot­ball League Sec­tion A - Avon­dale v Michael Dwyers (Ref. L. Cullen); A.G.B v Eire Og/G.Stones (G. Cor­bett); Bless­ing­ton v St. Ni­cholas (Ref. D. Byrne)

Sec­tion B - Derry Gaels v St. Pats (Ref. K. Kenny); An Tochar v Kil­coole (Ref. P. Bracken); Bray Emts.v Balt­in­glass (Ref. C. Gaskin); Ti­na­hely v Rath­new (Ref. M. Dowling)

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