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SEA­WEED is one of na­ture’s finest foods. Yet many of us are scared of it. Well, I was any­way, I bought a packet of it once but I never quite fig­ured out what to do with it and even­tu­ally passed it on to some­one else. Re­cently I used Car­rageen Moss to help cure my hus­band’s cough. You sim­ply boil a hand­ful in wa­ter for ten min­utes with half a lemon. Let it cool, strain and drink. It tasted good and most im­por­tantly–it worked.

I found an in­ter­est­ing book about sea­weeds which in­cluded recipes and ex­pla­na­tion of the var­i­ous types. At least now I have a bet­ter un­der­stand­ing of how to use sea­weed in cook­ing. The book is called Ex­treme Greens: Un­der­stand­ing Sea­weeds, writ­ten by Sally McKenna.

Sea­weed is packed full of min­er­als and anti ox­i­dants which can help you to live longer, fight dis­ease and pro­mote shiny, healthy skin and hair. It can reg­u­late me­tab­o­lism, help­ing you to lose weight. It cleanses the blood and stim­u­lates the im­mune sys­tem. It con­tains pre­bi­otics and pro­bi­otics and can help calm the di­ges­tive tract. It can pro­tect against bac­te­rial and viral in­fec­tion.

Th­ese are some com­mon sea­weed that you will find in your lo­cal health store:

Kelp is the one I am most fa­mil­iar with as it’s also avail­able in sup­ple­ment form. It’s very high in io­dine and is used medic­i­nally to help stim­u­late the thy­roid, and support me­tab­o­lism.

Nori is used in sushi dishes. It con­tains Vi­ta­min A and C, as well as some Potas­sium and Mag­ne­sium.

Dil­lisk can be used on sand­wiches, or added to soda bread, scones, and pota­toes. Dil­lisk is high in pro­tein as well as be­ing high in vi­ta­mins and min­er­als. It con­tains all the trace el­e­ments needed by hu­mans.

Car­rageen is used as a gelling agent to thicken drinks, soups and mousses. And is the one used to treat coughs.

You will also get sea­weed flakes which are prob­a­bly the eas­i­est way to start if you have never tried sea­weed. This is a com­bi­na­tion of sea­weeds ground into flakes. They can be added as a condi­ment to soups, stews, sprin­kled on a toasted sand­wich or any food you like. Or you could try Istu Sea­weed Thins an­other sim­ple

Clair Whitty is a Bach Flower Prac­ti­tioner, Nu­tri­tional Health Coach and Vega Al­lergy Tester based at The Nat­u­ral Health Store, 24 North Main Street, Wex­ford. 053 9121613 | clairm1@eir­


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