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Gemini May 22 – June 21

There is cash to be made from un­wanted items and small ef­forts. Avoid­ing spend­ing more than nec­es­sary can bring the best re­sults. In a fairly quiet week, take the chance to clear out those dusty cor­ners of your life. See what is worth hav­ing and what needs to go. Feel­ing a lit­tle ir­ri­tated this week­end? Try be­ing op­ti­mistic and hope that some­one changes their ap­proach. Your Luck: Avoid mak­ing a fuss about some­thing that will soon pass over.

Libra Septem­ber 24 – Oc­to­ber 23

De­light­ful and af­fec­tion­ate mo­ments pep­per this week with joy. En­cour­age in­ti­mate chats and give hugs. The wolf of envy may be cir­cling so­cially through the week­end. Ig­nore sour com­ments and greet ev­ery­one with a pos­i­tive at­ti­tude. You are on higher ground than those who would ir­ri­tate you. Keep long-term plans on the agenda. How­ever, give some lee­way when it comes to love and ro­mance. Your Luck: There are de­lights all around you.

Aquarius Jan­uary 21 – Fe­bru­ary 19

Al­though you may wish for more progress at work, this is un­likely at the mo­ment. Home and ro­man­tic life are due for a real boost. For those who have a part­ner a propo­si­tion or amaz­ing news is likely. Shocked by a sud­den rev­e­la­tion? You could be stuck for words. Make the most of the week­end to be with that spe­cial per­son or, put your­self in the right place to meet that ‘cer­tain some­one’. Your Luck: Slow moves are the or­der of the day.

Cancer June 22 – July 22

A lov­ing and car­ing back­drop off­sets any ‘blips’ this week. Mood and en­thu­si­asm can level off and en­ergy needs a boost. Do this by look­ing ahead and plan­ning more for the longer-term fu­ture. Af­ter the Full Moon at the week­end you see things and at­ti­tudes change quite rapidly. Am­bi­tions take sec­ond place right now to the need to gather en­thu­si­asm at home base. Your Luck: In­ject some hu­mour into what can be a slow-run­ning tide of progress.

Scorpio Oc­to­ber 24 – Novem­ber 22

A qui­eter and more con­tented week boosts your well­be­ing. Don’t worry about dash­ing around and get­ting things done. Bring the evenings to a close with a lov­ing and ro­man­tic at­ti­tude. At work al­low your­self to bring imag­i­na­tion to bear on mun­dane mat­ters. See how tech­nol­ogy can make the ev­ery­day more bear­able. It is a week to move for­ward with cau­tion and op­ti­mism. Your Luck: A re­cent lull has not been to your lik­ing but will end soon.

Pisces Fe­bru­ary 20 – March 20

Great ex­pec­ta­tions are some­thing that you don’t have at the mo­ment. That, how­ever, is where you could be wrong! You are meet­ing lots of new peo­ple. Of course, you won’t like many of them (fussy old Pisces!) but some­one spe­cial is in there some­where. A sud­den urge to nest build has more to do with be­ing more con­tented than the lay­ing of any eggs. Your Luck: Your luck could be in, so get­ting that lot­tery ticket could be a good idea.

Leo July 23 - Au­gust 23

Af­ter get­ting work am­bi­tions off to a sharp start, a lull in the ac­tion could take you by sur­prise. It is all very nat­u­ral and will change as quickly as it be­gan. In the mean­time the Full Moon at the week­end is shin­ing a light on your love life. Could this be the time to make that spe­cial sug­ges­tion or take that ro­man­tic break? You will soon be back in your el­e­ment. Your Luck: An of­fer from some­one in the past can see you work­ing closely with oth­ers.

Sagittarius Novem­ber 23 – De­cem­ber 21

A bit of a lull could make you tetchy but lets not al­low that to take hold! What­ever the plan­ets make you feel, you are in the driv­ing seat. So, rev up your en­gine and get those juices flow­ing. It can be a ro­man­tic time, with a Full Moon at the week­end fir­ing your imag­i­na­tion. Use your imag­i­na­tion and a boost in en­ergy at the week­end to also boost your love life. Your Luck: Feel that you have been get­ting into a rut? That is now in the past.

Aries March 21 – April 20

Pa­per roses have no perfume, beau­ti­ful as they are. This week seems to have a lack of colour too, so the ball is very much in your court to get things mov­ing! So­cially there may not be much to fire your imag­i­na­tion but here is the chance to show how much cre­ativ­ity there is. Get oth­ers to­gether for a chat and some for­ward think­ing. Be pleased that life at home is smooth and sta­ble. Your Luck: Love some­times needs to be quiet.

Virgo Au­gust 24 - Septem­ber 23

Gen­er­ate en­ergy to per­suade some­one to your way of think­ing. Neg­a­tive at­ti­tudes have no place in life for you. Travel can be fun and will wake up the spirit of ad­ven­ture. There are great no­tions spin­ning around your head. Don’t ex­pect ev­ery­one to see the pos­i­tive side, how­ever. Some­times you lis­ten too closely to that neg­a­tive voice. Shout back that it is your time to do what is in your heart. Your Luck: Al­low your­self some lee­way and re­lax more.

Capricorn De­cem­ber 22 – Jan­uary 20

Be­ing at the cen­tre of a lov­ing and pro­gres­sive time is right for you. A re­cent lack of en­ergy and op­por­tu­nity has you bit­ing on the bit and ready for any­thing! Col­leagues at work can be brought to­gether to bring for­ward a plan or project in­volv­ing new tech­nol­ogy or a change in at­ti­tude. Make this a very spe­cial week­end ro­man­ti­cally whilst the Full Moon fires your pas­sions. Your Luck: Re­mem­ber that spe­cial trip that has been in the back­ground? Now?

Taurus April 21 – May 21

Keep on im­prov­ing that cash flow. Re­mem­ber that from small acorns oaks can grow! What does not seem a big deal now is just the be­gin­ning. Ro­man­ti­cally maybe you would like to see more ac­tion and less talk? Make the talk good enough and things shoot ahead. Think­ing of chang­ing where you live? Any changes now need care­ful con­sid­er­a­tion but there is no panic. Your Luck: Im­pa­tience would only see a mud­dle.

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