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1. By what name is the car­niv­o­rous plant Dion­aea mus­cip­ula bet­ter known? A. Pluto mouse­trap, B. Venus fly­trap, C. Mars dog­trap, D. Nep­tune fly­catcher.

2. Which river of Spain and Por­tu­gal en­ters the At­lantic at Oporto? A. Douro, B. Cabriel, C. Pisuerga, D. Turia.

3. With which form of ab­stract art was Bri­tish painter Brid­get Ri­ley as­so­ci­ated? A. Naïve art, B. Pop art, C. Op art, D. Ab­stract art.

4. What is the state cap­i­tal of Min­nesota? A. Casper, B. Min­neapo­lis, C. Austin, D. St Paul.

5. Which char­ac­ters in Greek mythol­ogy were orig­i­nally con­ceived as winds and later por­trayed as vul­tures with ugly women’s faces? A. Eyries, B. Harpies, C. Muses, D. Gor­gons.

6. What was the adopted name of David Gruen, first prime min­is­ter of Is­rael? A. David Ben-Gu­rion, B. John Ben-Gunn, C. Paul Ben-Solomon, D. Isaac BenJohn­son.

7. With which in­stru­ment is jazz mu­si­cian and com­poser Char­lie Min­gus as­so­ci­ated? A. Sax­o­phone, B. Gui­tar, C. Pi­ano, D. Dou­ble bass.

8. Who wrote the op­eras The Mar­riage of Fi­garo and The Magic Flute? A. Mozart, B. Wag­ner, C. Puc­cini, D. Bizet.


1. B; 2. B; 3. D; 4. B; 5. A; 6. C; 7. B; 8. C

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