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PAUL tries to co­erce his so­lic­i­tor to im­pli­cate Char­lotte in Katy’s dis­ap­pear­ance, but when she re­fuses, he turns his at­ten­tion to brib­ing Jane in­stead.

How­ever, when this line of ac­tion also fails, he takes more des­per­ate ac­tion, threat­en­ing Decco with a se­cret con­cern­ing Paddy’s death.

Mean­while, as the case against Oisin proves ever more flimsy, Deb­bie pines for Tommy, and Laura strug­gles with her feel­ings for Sash.

Sash tells Char­lotte about Paul’s threats, and she fi­nally agrees to take the rap for Oisin, as long as Paul agrees to never tell his son about her role in Paddy’s death.

Dan is fu­ri­ous to learn the re­ceivers have al­tered the con­tract for the gym, in­creas­ing rent by 15 per cent, and Damien has a sur­prise for Caoimhe - one that Pete man­ages to spoil.


JA­SON ac­costs Sarah in the street, de­mand­ing to know what David is play­ing at.

In the café, Todd gen­tly sug­gests to Sarah that David is try­ing to frame Ja­son to throw the po­lice off his own trail. Feel­ing the pres­sure, Sarah storms out and is aghast at the sight of a man that ap­pears to be Cal­lum.

Later, Todd cor­ners Billy in the pub and fishes for in­for­ma­tion on Sarah. When Billy hints that Cal­lum may have phys­i­cally threat­ened Sarah, Todd sur­mises that David acted to save her.

Billy re­fuses to in­dulge in such spec­u­la­tion. Todd calls on Sarah to probe her about Cal­lum, but is thrown when Sarah asks if he be­lieves in ghosts. Todd is as­ton­ished when Sarah sud­denly flips.


IAN is de­ter­mined to fix his trou­bled fam­ily, but things take a turn for the worse.

Mean­while, when Jay checks in on Roxy, she tells him that she is de­ter­mined to change things for the bet­ter.

Roxy then reaches out to Amy, but she is stopped by Jack. Later, Andy takes a shine to Roxy.

Else­where, Donna grows frus­trated when Buster takes ad­van­tage of hav­ing no mar­ket in­spec­tor. She tells Roxy her plans to ex­pand the mar­ket stall to an­noy Buster and Roxy of­fers to help.

Also to­day, Claudette asks for Donna’s help with speak­ing to Vin­cent. Donna tries her best, but Vin­cent re­fuses to speak about Claudette.


BELLE can­cels go­ing to a gig with Lach­lan and heads to Doc­tor Bai­ley’s house in­stead, as his wife is away and they can en­joy a ro­man­tic even­ing to­gether.

Back at the vil­lage, Lach­lan re­alises Belle has lied to him when Cain adamantly tells him that she’s not ill. Cain im­me­di­ately won­ders whether Belle is back with her mar­ried man.

Mean­while, Rhona dreads hav­ing a meal with Pierce and Mar­lon, but Pierce claims they can turn it to their ad­van­tage.

Pierce turns on the charm and soon wins April over with a themed Frozen cake he has baked him­self. Mar­lon is im­pressed, but Vanessa is dis­turbed to see Rhona and Pierce to­gether.

Ja­son de­mands some an­swers from Sarah.

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