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I did it! I ac­tu­ally did it! 12 weeks of liv­ing and now I can do noth­ing.

Ok, that’s the wrong at­ti­tude to have but if ever was proof needed that I re­quire clear goals and con­stant mon­i­tor­ing, it was Wed­nes­day night after my fi­nal weigh-in.

For 12 weeks (Ok 11 and a half, I was good, very good, mostly). Very lit­tle booze, apart from that night in Kerry and the stag and a wed­ding, the diet of Derek Zoolan­der pre Mi­lan fash­ion show, the ex­er­cise regime of a man on a mis­sion.

I clocked up around 250 km on my heart mon­i­tor watch, run­ning and got back into swim­ming. I started watch­ing what I was eat­ing, for­go­ing late night pig out ses­sions save the occ­sional spoon of peanut but­ter spread on a rice cracker if I was com­pletely over in­dulging.

Cer­tain booby trap foods like burg­ers, sausages and chips were avoided with hith­erto unseen willpower. Such foods are gate­way foods to other bad sug­ary ad­dic­tions like ketchup, rel­ish and more ketchup and rel­ish.

Be­fore I had no clue how much sugar there is in food I pre­vi­ously loved. The first in­gre­di­ent on the afore­men­tioned sauces is sugar and there is also sugar in le­mon meringue pie, ice cream and cake, who’d have known?

I en­joyed the cir­cuit training classes and learned a lot about the im­por­tance of stretch­ing ev­ery chance I get as the body is a tem­ple even if mine was more Lean­ing Tower of Pisa than Taj Ma­hal un­til I got some sense over re­cent weeks.

I had some low points, get­ting sick in a bin after over­do­ing it on one oc­ca­sion and mak­ing a beet­root smoothie.

How­ever, tere were far more highs than lows and I’ll be back as the even more mus­cu­lar body­builder Arnold Sch­warzeneg­ger fa­mously once said.

One thing I re­alised is that I have paid zero at­ten­tion to my body prob­a­bly since Bi­ol­ogy class, which I failed, in 2nd Year. It may have been on the cur­ricu­lum in 3rd Year but no bells are ring­ing.

Through Weight Health Life­style’s pro­gramme I’ve learned about the im­por­tance of do­ing what you can and not over­do­ing training. Eat­ing lots of pro­tein rich foods after training is an­other great tip, along with get­ting eight hours sleep, park­ing the smart­phone at night, get­ting out for a walk in the sun on your lunch­break at work and get­ting out for a run a few evenings a week.

My chal­lenge has re­ceived a great re­sponse and even though I didn’t break any records, I tried some­thing and it worked and as with all such leaps in life this is some­thing to be cel­e­brated.

Weight Health Life­style Con­sul­tants work with clients through­out their jour­ney and are there to; mon­i­tor, guide, sup­port, mo­ti­vate and help each client ev­ery step of the way. WHL Con­sul­tants: North­gate Med­i­cal Cen­tre, New Ross, Phone: Rob­bie Far­rell: 087-7759716. See their web­site: www. weighthealth­lifestyle.ie

Above left: a skin­nier look­ing me on the weigh­ing scales. Right: get­ting my waist­line checked by Rob­bie Far­rell one last time.

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