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HOPE turns to de­spair for the O’Briens as their new lead proves to be un­re­li­able, and Deb­bie turns to Tommy for com­fort.

Mean­while, Rob­bie fi­nally opens up to Carol about his grief, and Paul is tempted when Ni­cola fi­nally makes her feel­ings known.

Caoimhe walks in on Tommy and Deb­bie in a com­pro­mis­ing po­si­tion, and while Tommy apol­o­gises bring­ing his af­fair into her home, Caoimhe re­mains fu­ri­ous.

Mean­while, Ni­amh’s dis­pute with Oisin es­ca­lates into all-out war, and Decco is shocked to dis­cover just how much Kerri-Ann’s dream wed­ding will cost.


ANDY can’t be­lieve his luck when Jack and Ron­nie de­cide to let him stay in their spare room af­ter find­ing him in one of the empty flats.

Later, while Jack is busy pre­par­ing din­ner, Ron­nie of­fers to take Andy’s wash­ing to the laun­drette. How­ever, Ron­nie later gets a pan­icked phone call from Dot, who has made a shock­ing dis­cov­ery among Andy’s wash­ing.

Mean­while, when Les dis­cusses Peggy’s fu­neral ar­range­ments with Ron­nie, Sharon and Roxy, they’re all left shocked by the high price.

Else­where, to­day is Carmel’s 50th birth­day. Her fam­ily haven’t done much to mark the oc­ca­sion in style, so Denise steps in and or­gan­ises a sur­prise party.


CON­VINCED that Cal­lum is still alive and out to get her, Sarah heads out on a mis­sion.

Des­per­ately wor­ried, Kylie breaks the news to Gail and Bethany that Sarah is hav­ing a break­down.

As a fren­zied Sarah asks Phe­lan to change the locks at Num­ber 8, David and Kylie re­veal to Gail and Bethany that Billy’s brother Lee held Sarah hostage.

They add that this caused Sarah to go into melt­down and be­lieve Cal­lum is still alive.

Gail calls the fam­ily to­gether to dis­cuss Sarah’s cri­sis. Todd tries to rea­son with her, but Sarah be­comes upset and bar­ri­cades her­self in the house with Harry.

Mak­ing out that she’s also scared of Cal­lum, Bethany per­suades Sarah to let her in.


WHEN the po­lice turn up unan­nounced at the farm, Cain or­ders Holly to get rid of his bloody shirt. Holly realises that she needs to hide her drugs too and man­ages to get them into the same bag.

When Moira in­sists on get­ting rid of the shirt her­self, Holly fears she’ll dis­cover her drugs too.

Later, Holly is alarmed to re­alise that she has lost the full stash of drugs and pan­ics - know­ing Si­mon will not be happy at all.

MEAN­while, Belle hears the po­lice have vis­ited Cain. Char­ity in­ter­venes by hav­ing a heart to heart with Belle. She also comes up with a so­lu­tion to help keep Belle away from Doc­tor Bai­ley.

Else­where, Finn is de­lighted when the Bar­ton broth­ers re­ceive their taxi li­cences.

He sends Ross to dis­trib­ute fly­ers and Pete to valet the cars.

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