Hol­i­day­ing and fly­ing – some things to make you com­fort­able

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I TALKED about hol­i­day tips a while ago but some peo­ple told me that they didn’t have a hol­i­day planned back then.

So I thought it would be a good time to write about it again. Let’s start by get­ting any nerves or anx­i­eties about fly­ing out of the way.

A cou­ple of drops of Res­cue Rem­edy can help do this. Or you could try Higher Na­ture Balance for Nerves, it’s suit­able for age six up­wards. They can be taken to­gether if needed and start as soon as you feel the nerves. Don’t wait un­til the flight day.

If you have a long haul flight, Gin­seng can help keep your en­ergy lev­els up to top notch so that the first few days are not spent feel­ing ex­hausted.

Ve­nagel is a gel that you can use to re­lieve aching heavy legs on long haul flights, or you could use it at the end of a busy day of sight-see­ing.

Fluid re­ten­tion can also be a prob­lem dur­ing long haul flights. Swollen an­kles are a com­mon prob­lem. Nat­u­ral di­uret­ics like dan­de­lion can help.

Some of you can’t sleep when you’re away – with the strange bed and all that. Dormeasan can help you get a de­cent night’s sleep, so you don’t spend the night twist­ing and turn­ing – plus you’ll have plenty of en­ergy the next day.

Echi­nacea lozenges or throat spray are ideal to take on the flight as they can soothe a sore throat and at the same time help keep your im­mune sys­tem strong.

If you gen­er­ally have an iffy tummy or are prone to di­ar­rhoea when away then pack some Optibac Pro­bi­otics for trav­el­ling abroad. On the other hand, if your up­set tummy is from over in­dulging on al­co­hol and treats then bring Milk This­tle Com­plex. This will of­fer you a speedy re­cov­ery.

If you’re prone to in­sect bites don’t for­get your B1. Take it a cou­ple of weeks be­fore you travel. You could also take some gar­lic tablets. Don’t for­get Incog­nita spray to keep the in­sects from bit­ing you.

Try net­tle ur­tica if you suf­fer with prickly heat. Take it a cou­ple of weeks be­fore you travel and while you’re away.

And, of course, don’t for­get your sun­screen and your af­ter sun lo­tion, and re­mem­ber to keep

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