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When Dev re­veals his plans to ex­pand his ke­bab shop em­pire and offers Erica the job of project man­ager, she’s thrilled. Erica con­fides in Liz that she’s now changed her mind about Dev, but Liz is scep­ti­cal.

Soon af­ter­wards, when Mary over­hears Tim lam­bast­ing Kevin for do­ing the dirty on Anna with Erica, she hur­ries to find Dev. Kevin con­fronts Dev, fu­ri­ous that his buyer for the garage has pulled out as they in­tend to buy the gym in­stead. How­ever, Kevin is shocked when Dev turns on him and re­veals that he knows about his dal­liance with Erica.

As the men square up to each other, Anna tells Dev that Erica did all the run­ning and luck­ily Kevin saw sense and left her high and dry in a ho­tel room. How will Dev re­act?

Mean­while, when Ch­es­ney con­fides in Gemma how much he’s dread­ing Rich’s court case, she warns him to watch his back. Ch­es­ney feels worse than ever. Robert meets up with Rich and warns him that the at­tacks have got to stop. Rich de­nies all knowl­edge.

Ni­cola calls at Num­ber 11 with the DNA re­sults and Phelan’s thrilled to dis­cover he’s her dad.

Ni­cola shows her DNA re­sults to Phelan.

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