Re­vealed: County Wex­ford’s most af­flu­ent and de­prived com­mu­ni­ties


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KILMOKEA, Clon­roche, New­town­barry (Bun­clody), New Ross and Tagh­mon are the five most dis­ad­van­taged elec­toral ar­eas in the county ac­cord­ing to the lat­est fig­ures. How­ever there are pock­ets of af­flu­ence within a small num­ber of elec­toral ar­eas.

An anal­y­sis of the 2016 Cen­sus data by Pobal has re­vealed Ire­land’s most af­flu­ent and dis­ad­van­taged ar­eas.

Pobal draws on a num­ber of data points to com­pile the in­dex, such as em­ploy­ment lev­els and ed­u­ca­tion lev­els, and then they ap­ply these to a whole range of area types, from coun­ties to elec­toral di­vi­sions.

Over­all as a county Wex­ford has been classed as marginally below dis­ad­van­taged since 2006. Back then it had a de­pri­va­tion in­dex of -3.95 per cent which rose to -5.14 per cent in 2011. It has de­creased slightly to -4.81 in the lat­est fig­ures from Cen­sus 2016.

The five elec­toral ar­eas of Kilmokea, Clon­roche, New­town­barry, New Ross and Tagh­mon are deemed ‘dis­ad­van­taged’.

Twenty elec­toral ar­eas are con­sid­ered to be marginally above av­er­age. These in­clude: Tem­ple­town (Slade), Augh­william (Cleariestown), Old­court (New Ross), Bal­lykelly (New Ross), Rochestown (Old Ross), Cas­tle El­lis (Monart), Ar­tra­mon (near Castle­bridge), Kil­lurin, Car­rick (Ban­now), Glynn, Tem­pleudi­gan (Bal­ly­william), Kil­loughrum (Monart), Bal­ly­car­ney, St Mary’s (Bun­clody), Kilb­ora (Ferns), Hunt­ing­ton (Craan­ford), Cour­town, Bal­lynes­tragh (Ki­lanerin), Limerick (Ki­lanerin) and Kil­patrick (Oyle­gate).

Of the five ar­eas deemed dis­ad­van­taged Tagh­mon is the most af­fected with a Pobal In­dex of -16.50. This is fol­lowed by the Ur­ban area of New Ross (-14.43), New­town­barry (-13.17), Clon­roche (-11.7) and Kilmokea (-10.35). The county has a whole has a de­pri­va­tion in­dex of -4.18 per cent.

How­ever when you look more closely at the elec­toral dis­tricts there are small ar­eas within these which fall out­side the norm.

While some small pock­ets of the county are classed as ‘af­flu­ent’, and oth­ers ‘very dis­ad­van­taged’, there are no ar­eas within the county classed as ‘very-’ or ‘ex­tremely af­flu­ent’ nor are any classed as ‘ex­tremely dis­ad­van­taged’.

Three ar­eas of Wex­ford No 2 Ur­ban are classed as very dis­ad­van­taged with one given a de­pri­va­tion in­dex of -28.01 - which is the sec­ond high­est in the county. The other two ar­eas have a de­pri­va­tion in­dex of -26.06 and -21.34.

These ar­eas take in An­te­lope Road, Tal­bot Greet and Wolfe Tone re­spec­tively.

Four ar­eas in Wex­ford ru­ral are classed as very dis­ad­van­taged with de­pri­va­tion in­dexes of -26.06, -23.79, -23.16 and -20.63. These take in the ar­eas of Kennedy Park, Liam Mel­lows Park, Fern­dale and Belvedere Grove re­spec­tively.

In En­nis­cor­thy Ur­ban there are three ar­eas deemed very dis­ad­van­taged with de­pri­va­tion in­dexes of -26.83, -24.37 and -22.26. These take in Duf­fry Gate, Na Sean Gar­rai, Fr Cullen Park, Bar­ley Fields, Arm­strong Range, Loreto Vil­lage and Pearse Road.

The worst de­pri­va­tion in­dex in the county is found in the New­town­barry district near Bun­clody where the rate is -29.97. There is an­other area in the district with a de­pri­va­tion in­dex of -23.48, tak­ing in Straw­berry Hill and Ry­land Wood.

An area of Clon­roche which in­cludes Sli an Uisce and The Vil­las has a de­pri­va­tion in­dex of -27.15 while an area in Tagh­mon en­com­pass­ing Mul­montry, Tagh­mon, Cloghu­latagh and Cloon­er­ane has an in­dex of -25.02.

There are six pock­ets in the En­nis­cor­thy ru­ral area deemed very dis­ad­van­taged and these have in­dexes of -24.85, -24.22, -22.16, -21.05, -20.77 and -20.64. These in­clude Slaney View Park, Fr Mo­ran Park, Clu­ain Dara, Marl­field, Andy Doyle Close, Mo­ran Park, Belle­field Road, Rec­tory Fields, Kil­lago­ley Ter­race and Es­monde Road.

In New Ross Ur­ban there are also three ar­eas classed as very dis­ad­van­taged. These have in­dexes of -23.78, -23.29 and -20.48. They in­clude Bosheen Es­tate, Red­dys­land, Ver­soland, Wood­bine Close and Ter­race, Mor­ris­sys­land, Tower Grove, Long­stone Drive and Ir­ish­town Heights.

On the other end of the scale there are also pock­ets of the county deemed af­flu­ent.

Two ar­eas of the Cour­town elec­toral district have in­dexes of 19.23 and 12.44 and these take in the ar­eas of Seafield and Kil­der­mot re­spec­tively.

A Gorey ru­ral area which is classed as af­flu­ent has a de­pri­va­tion in­dex of 11.24 and takes in Ram­stown Lower, Knock­mullen and The Av­enue.

Wex­ford Ru­ral has three pock­ets of af­flu­ence with in­dexes of 15.25, 12.67 and 10.84. These take in the ar­eas of Lus Mor, Cool­bal­low, Park and Bally­bog­gan re­spec­tively.

In Wex­ford No 3 ur­ban there is a pocket of af­flu­ence com­pris­ing Spawell Close and Red­mond Road. This has an in­dex of 13.18.

Car­rick, New­town, Barn­town and Ard­can­drisk are classed as af­flu­ent with an in­dex of 14.42 which is the third high­est in the county while the ar­eas of New­bay, Bal­ly­mor­ris and Hayestown Great are also af­flu­ent with an in­dex of 12.76.

The area of Bal­ly­tra­mon in Ard­ca­van is also classed as af­flu­ent with an in­dex of 10.99.


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