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EN­SURE thAt rooms in your home con­tAin­ing heAt­ing Ap­pli­Ances Are prop­erly ven­ti­lAted - NEVER BLOCK VENTS

• MAke sure All chim­neys Are reg­u­lArly swept And kept cleAr

• Use Ap­pli­Ances only for the PUR­POSE for which they were de­signed, e.g. do not use A cooker to heAt A room

• NEVER use Any Ap­pli­Ance if you sus­pect it might Be fAulty

• If un­der­tAk­ing AL­TER­ATIONS to your home which mAy Af­fect the sAfety or ef­fi­ciency of your heAt­ing in­stAl­lA­tion (e.g. Adding An ex­ten­sion, con­vert­ing A gArAge, re­mov­ing in­ter­nAl wAlls, chAng­ing A liv­ing room into A Bed­room, dou­Ble glAz­ing / weAther seAled doors) fol­low this sAfety Ad­vice:

• Do not Block or Build Around Any ex­ist­ing Air vents or flues

• If cre­At­ing A new liv­ing spAce, en­sure it hAs ven­ti­lA­tion in Ac­cor­dAnce with Build­ing Reg­u­lA­tions

• If Adding AdditionAl rAdiA­tors en­sure thAt your Boiler cAn cope with the AdditionAl cA­pAc­ity

• If you Are Al­ter­ing or Adding Ap­pli­Ances to A nAt­u­rAl gAs or LPG in­stAl­lA­tion, en­sure thAt work is cAr­ried out to IS813:2002 Do­mes­tic GAs In­stAl­lA­tions

• Get pro­fes­sionAl Ad­vice on ven­ti­lA­tion And flue­ing Be­fore em­BArk­ing on Al­ter­Ations to your house. Con­tAct your fuel sup­plier suB­sti­tute for reg­u­lAr in­spec­tion And mAin­te­nAnce of Ap­pli­Ances, vents, flues And chim­neys. Check thAt the CAr­Bon Monox­ide AlArm com­plies with the EN 50291 stAn­dArd. NAt­u­rAl GAs Choose room­seAled Ap­pli­Ances.

With room-seAled Ap­pli­Ances fresh Air in­tAke for com­Bus­tion comes from out­side of the house And emis­sions Are then dis­chArged out­side Also. As such, the Air in the room where the Ap­pli­Ance is fit­ted is not used or Af­fected By the Ap­pli­Ance.

There­fore room-seAled Ap­pli­Ances (BAl­Anced flue or fAnned drAught types) Are rec­om­mended for new And re­plAce­ment Boil­ers And wA­ter heAters. Do you hAve An un­sAfe wA­ter heAter? Flue­less gAs wA­ter heAters Are con­sid­ered dAnger­ous Be­cAuse they con­sume the Air in­side the room.

This cAuses the prod­ucts of com­Bus­tion - in­clud­ing toxic CAr­Bon Monox­ide - to dis­chArge di­rectly into the room where the heAter is fit­ted. If used for ex­tended pe­ri­ods, the lev­els of CAr­Bon Monox­ide cAn Build up to dAnger­ous lev­els if there is A lAck of ven­ti­lA­tion.

Open flue-type wA­ter heAters lo­cAted in BAth­rooms Are Also con­sid­ered un­sAfe. If you think you mAy hAve An un­sAfe gAs wAter­heAter con­tAct Bord GÁis Net­works now on 1850 79 79 79 for A free sAfety check.

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