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WE ARE right in the mid­dle of hol­i­day sea­son, with peo­ple jet­ting off to all sorts of ex­otic places. The fur­ther afield you go, the more likely you are go­ing to need travel health ad­vice spe­cific to your trip. For many, it’s an added has­sle and ex­pense that they sim­ply opt out of. Oth­ers, gen­er­ally the wellor­gan­ised, elect to vac­ci­nate well in ad­vance of their trip, avoid­ing the last-minute rush.

Then there are those who I call the ‘in­be­tween­ers’. They ei­ther hate nee­dles or shun the cost of the shots, but still end up get­ting cover be­cause they are ter­ri­fied of get­ting sick! Mos­qui­toes, food and wa­ter are the arch en­e­mies when it comes to farflung travel. And short of not eat­ing and sur­gi­cally at­tach­ing your­self to a mosquito net, you have nowhere to hide. No mat­ter how well pre­pared you are, you could still catch some­thing. There is no way of pro­tect­ing your­self 100%, but in­oc­u­la­tions and an­ti­malar­i­als are a good place to start.

Pa­tients are now also ask­ing for ‘al­ter­na­tives’ to vac­ci­na­tion. Two hun­dred mil­lion peo­ple world­wide use home­opa­thy as part of their main­stream med­i­cal treat­ment.

Over the past few weeks, I have faced the chal­lenge of sev­eral peo­ple de­cid­ing to opt for home­opa­thy over con­ven­tional medicine when it comes to their travel health. They see my vac­cines and anti-malar­ial tablets as evil con­coc­tions cre­ated by large phar­ma­ceu­ti­cal com­pa­nies. They cite the 104 home­o­pathic clin­i­cal tri­als doc­u­mented as show­ing cred­i­ble ev­i­dence home­opa­thy works. Home­opa­thy was con­ceived in 1790, so it’s taken 227 years to pro­duce 104 re­search pa­pers. Pos­i­tive out­comes were only shown in un­der half of all cases. The main power of home­opa­thy is its placebo ef­fect. In spite of all of this, and a body of ev­i­dence to sug­gest home­opa­thy is sci­en­tif­i­cally im­plau­si­ble, sev­eral pa­tients have opted out of my con­ven­tional of­fer­ings.

To keep the mozzies away I give my spiel on the mosquito re­pel­lent DEET, again fall­ing on deaf ears as they tell me that’s toxic. So they leave with noth­ing, but mark my words, one day they will be back, wish­ing they had put more faith in real medicine than their home­o­pathic mumbo jumbo.

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