Hands off those Creme Eggs...

Fury at sneak peek­ers seek­ing €1k prize

Irish Daily Mail - - News - By Linda McGrory news@dai­ly­mail.ie

THEY are the crème de la crème for sweet-toothed fans... but last night many choco­holics were shun­ning their Cad­bury Creme Eggs.

Shop­pers are so an­noyed that they are even urg­ing shop­keep­ers to keep the choco­lates out of reach of sticky lit­tle fin­gers – as peo­ple take a sneak peek un­der the wrap­pers for white ones worth up to €1,000.

The Willy Wonka-style pro­mo­tion has caused such a strong re­ac­tion that the Food Safety Author­ity of Ire­land felt the need to of­fer its own ad­vice.

One dis­grun­tled egg lover posted on Face­book: ‘Sick of go­ing into shops and see­ing all the Creme Eggs and the wrap­per on most of them are pulled back to see is there a white egg in it. It’s so not fair and very un­hy­gienic.’

An­other said: ‘I love Creme Eggs – 100% my favourite but in our lo­cal shops ev­ery sin­gle one has been tam­pered with look­ing for the white egg, so I haven’t been buy­ing them un­less the mul­ti­pack if I go to a su­per­mar­ket.

‘It’s dis­gust­ing that are all be­ing mauled by peo­ple.’ The food safety Go­ing Wonka: Shop­pers lift­ing wrap­pers be­fore they buy author­ity said that it had re­ceived no com­plaints so far, but it did have some ad­vice to give to the re­tail­ers and for Cad­bury, say­ing that the pro­mo­tion had cre­ated ‘height­ened in­ter­est’ in the prod­uct.

‘From a food safety point of view, this is some­thing that should be ad­dressed at shop level where re­tail­ers feel that there is a risk of chil­dren open­ing the eggs with­out the in­ten­tion of pur­chas­ing one,’ an FSAI spokesper­son said.

‘The wrap­ping around the egg is the same as has al­ways been around the usual Cad­bury Creme Egg.

‘Con­sid­er­a­tion could be given to plac­ing these at shop level where re­tail­ers feel open ac­cess is not an op­tion.

‘This is some­thing that Cad­bury could look at when they re­view this pro­mo­tion,’ the spokesper­son added.

The pro­mo­tion has also been run­ning in Bri­tain, where sim­i­lar re­ports of shop­pers and su­per­mar­ket staff open­ing the eggs have been widely re­ported.

One shop­per at a Tesco Ex­press

‘It’s not fair and very un­hy­gienic’

in Es­sex said: ‘I opened one of the other boxes that was stacked in the store and they were the same. I can’t see how that could have been done by shop­pers.’

Last week Cad­bury Ire­land told Face­book fol­low­ers: ‘Loads of White Creme Eggs have been found across Ire­land but there’s still some out there. Keep hunt­ing for a chance to find yours and win up to €1,000.’

Cad­bury has been con­tacted for com­ment.

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