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COLUM­NIST John Wa­ters stormed out of an in­ter­view with Ea­mon Dun­phy about the re­peal the Eighth ref­er­en­dum calling him a ‘f***ing b ****** s’.

The jour­nal­ist and No cam­paigner was ap­pear­ing on Mr Dun­phy’s The Stand pod­cast to dis­cuss the abor­tion ref­er­en­dum when things got heated be­tween the two out­spo­ken men.

Mr Wa­ters cut the pod­cast short and an­grily swore at the sports pun­dit when he got an­noyed over a line of ques­tion­ing by Mr Dun­phy.

The row erupted when Mr Dun­phy asked Mr Wa­ters about when he be­lieved life be­gan. When Mr Wa­ters replied he be­lieved it be­gins at con­cep­tion, Mr Dun­phy asked whether the morn­ing-af­ter pill could be seen as abor­tion us­ing this def­i­ni­tion.

Af­ter a back and forth be­tween the two men, Mr Wa­ters said: ‘This is typ­i­cal of the kind of me­dia at­tempt to turn this in to some­thing else, to talk about hard cases, to make fudgy kind of philo­soph­i­cal ar­gu­ments, which will de­lay and frus­trate and con­fuse the peo­ple about some­thing that is ab­so­lutely so clear... so clear. We are talk­ing about whether or not we want to walk in to a polling booth, pick up a pen­cil, put on a black cap and con­demn hun­dreds of thou­sands of chil­dren to death to the rest of your life ev­ery day, ev­ery day, ev­ery day. That’s the ques­tion.’

The heated de­bate be­tween the pair con­tin­ued with Mr Dun­phy ask­ing his in­ter­vie­wee to let him ‘tease it out with you’ and claim­ing ‘you are try­ing to bully me now’ be­fore Mr Wa­ters stormed out.

‘We have 40 min­utes to do an in­ter­view about this so can we talk about the is­sue or else I am go­ing home. I am fed up of this,’ said Mr Wa­ters, just over 12 min­utes into the dis­cus­sion.

Mr Dun­phy asked Mr Wa­ters not to go but he replied: ‘You told me this would be a fair in­ter­view. It is not a fair in­ter­view. You’re a b ****** s. You’re a f***ing b ****** s, you can f*** off.”

And as Mr Dun­phy de­clared that he was a No voter, Mr Wa­ters said: ‘F*** off. Talk to Una Mul­lally.’ Ir­ish Times jour­nal­ist Ms Mul­lally ap­peared in a sec­ond pod­cast posted by The Stand speak­ing for the Yes side of the campaign.

Mr Dun­phy be­gan the record­ing by telling lis­ten­ers he has been a close friend of Mr Wa­ters for many years. He said he de­cided to post the in­ter­view in full de­spite the abrupt end­ing and asked his lis­ten­ers to make up their own mind on the dis­agree­ment.

Mr Dun­phy has since told the­jour­ that he is in fact an un­de­cided voter and would ei­ther be a re­luc­tant Yes or a re­luc­tant No.

Row: John Wa­ters and Ea­mon Dun­phy

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