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Dear Coleen

I’m scared to tell my mum about my weight is­sues, and I’m wor­ried about con­fid­ing in my friends too, be­cause they’re all re­ally skinny.

I look at web­sites that say “em­brace your body” and all that body pos­i­tiv­ity stuff, but I just can’t seem to ac­cept my body and I don’t know why.

I used to be known as the skinny girl, but now I don’t feel like that. What should I do?

Coleen says

I’m a mum of a teenage girl and I would rather she con­fided in me about any­thing at all than strug­gle on her own. I’m cer­tain your mum will feel the same way.

So you need to be brave and have a con­ver­sa­tion with her. She was once a teenage girl her­self and she’ll un­der­stand. At your age, your body is chang­ing all the time – in fact, thanks to our hor­mones, women’s bod­ies change all through our lives.

It’s point­less to com­pare your­self to your friends be­cause, in a year’s time, your bod­ies will have changed again.

The ab­so­lute best thing you can do for your body is to look af­ter it well by eat­ing healthy food and stay­ing ac­tive, and by en­joy­ing life and be­ing con­fi­dent about who you are. One thing I can prom­ise you is, whatever size you are, the most at­trac­tive qual­ity of all is con­fi­dence.

And please don’t fall into the trap of feel­ing pres­sured by the im­ages of women’s bod­ies you see on­line – 99% of what you’re look­ing at has been fil­tered and al­tered to reach a level of per­fec­tion that not even su­per­mod­els can at­tain with­out a lot of air­brush­ing.

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