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RING­SIDE shows that the wean­ling heifers en­joyed the best of the trade last week with the heav­ier lots over 400kg show­ing im­prove­ments of be­tween 30 -36c/kg . The qual­ity lots sold for €2. 35 - 2.70/kg while plainer lots made an av­er­age of €2.13/kg.

Lighter qual­ity heifers were sell­ing for €2.40-3.00/kg with the plainer heifers mak­ing from €2.05-2.10/kg. The bulls were back a tad. Heavy lots sold for €2.15-2.60/kg while bulls less than 400kg made from €2.252.90/kg. Poorer qual­ity bulls ranged from €1.55-1.90/kg.

Prices for steers were a lit­tle tougher with plainer types back by up to 10c/kg while the bet­ter types fared bet­ter with a 2-5c/kg move in the wrong di­rec­tion. Steers un­der 400kg ranged from €2.10-2.60/kg. Dairy bred bul­locks were sell­ing at around €1.46/kg on av­er­age.

Con­ti­nen­tals over 400kg made from €1.80 -2.40/kg . Heifers over 400kg were mak­ing from €2.10-2.50/kg with lighter types mov­ing at €2.202.60/kg. Plain heifers are sell­ing be­tween €1.80-1.95/kg. Freshly calved dairy heifers are mak­ing any­thing from €1,300-2,000 with cows com­mand­ing be­tween €1,000-1,500 de­pend­ing on age and qual­ity.

Friesian bull calves range from €60-200 while the main thrust of beef sired calves from the dair y herd are mak­ing be­tween €200-400. Suck­ler cow prices in gen­eral vary from €1,300-1,700.

Heavy bul­locks in Bal­li­nakill sold for €1.80-2.20/kg. For­ward stores moved at €1.70-2.25/kg while lighter stores made from €1.70-2.35/kg. Beef heifers were sell­ing for €1.90-2.10/kg. Stores made f r om € 1 .7 0 -2. 05/ kg . Wean­ling bulls ranged from €1.95-2.15/kg. The heifers made from €1.70-2.00/kg. Prices for cull cows ran from €1.25-1.75/kg.

Kilkenny re­ported a drop of €10-20/hd for the plain stock in the 700 of­fered for sale. Heavy con­ti­nen­tal steers over 600kg were sell­ing for €1.90-2.25/kg with plainer lots sell­ing €1.45/kg.

Fac­tory heifers sold for €1.802.50. The butcher types made from €1.70-2.15/kg. Stores made from €1.60-2.65/kg. Con­ti­nen­tal cows sold for €1.40-2.17/kg.

Dowra Mart had 580 cat­tle on of­fer last Satur­day and de­scribed the trade as steady. Wean­ling heifers un­der 300kg made €1.80-2.80/kg with the top lots mak­ing from €2.80-3.25 each. Heifers from 300-440kg sold for €1.70-2.80/kg.

A few fancy lots made up to €3.15/kg. Heav­ier lots went for €1.80-2.60/kg with a few lots for breed­ing mak­ing up to €3.17/kg. Wean­ling bulls un­der 300kg made from €1.70-3.10/kg while bulls from 300-400kg ranged from €1.60-2.85/kg. Bulls over 400kg made from €1.70-2.65/kg.

Bul­locks un­der 500kg made €350-700 over the weight in Bal­ly­mote. Heav­ier lots made up to €740 over. Heifers un­der 500kg made €320-600 over the €/kg. Heav­ier types made up to €715 over. Suck­ler springers sold from €1,200-1,500/hd. The best of the bull wean­lings were sell­ing for €500-800 with their weight. Poorer lots made from €300-450 over.


At Enniscorthy Mart, the bull and heifer wean­lings were sell­ing for €300-650 with their weight. Fleshy cull cows were com­mand­ing €300-600 with the €/kg while store cows made from €50-250 over. Heifers fit for slaugh­ter ranged from €500850 over. Stores sold for €250600 over. Beef bul­locks were mak­ing from €600-1,000 with their weight. The stores traded at €100-750 over.

In the suck calf ring, prices of €60-215 were be­ing paid for the Friesian bulls. Con­ti­nen­tal bulls made from €330-500 while the heifers sold for €200 -350. An­gus and Here­ford calves made from €150-330.

Carnew had 870 cat­tle in­clud­ing those en­tered for their an­nual fat­stock show and sale for heifers and cows. Trade was lively with a strong e xport de­mand for qual­ity store cat­tle

The over­all cham­pion was a 712kg Bel­gian Blue heifer which sold for €2,300. Beef heifers sold from €560 -1,100 over. Stores over 450kg made €4501,050 with the €/kg. Lighter stores moved at €350-960 over. Nice qual­ity cows for fur­ther feed­ing sold back to €350 with the weight while plainer types strug­gled to clear the €/kg.

Top class bulls over 600kg up in Raphoe made from €400-730 over. Beef bul­locks ranged from €645-815 over. Stores moved at €350-785 with the weight. Beef heifers moved at €445-890 over the €/kg with stores mak­ing from €370-780 over. Cull cow prices hit €700-1,730 each.

Balla Mart had 600 lots on of­fer. Trade was quite strong es­pe­cially for heifers and store bul­locks. Heavy bul­locks were mak­ing from €500-1,000 with the weight or €1.39-2.54/kg while lighter plainer types were sell­ing for €400-600 over their weight or €1.45-2.83/kg.

Light heifers un­der 400kg made €1.97-3.28/kg. Heav­ier heifers made €1.62-2.88/kg. A three-year-old Limousin heifer due to calve on March 8 topped the suck­lers at €1,630 while the best cull cow, a five-year-old 895kg Charo­lais made €1,810. This was the equiv­a­lent of €2.02/kg. In the wean­ling sec­tion, the light bulls un­der 350kg sold from €300-500 with their weight or €1.41-3.12/kg while heavy bulls made €1.10-2.57/kg.

Light heifers ranged from €2.00-3.41. Heavy heifers made €300-675 over or €2.50-2.82/kg.

Con­ti­nen­tal steers be­tween 450-550kg at Mayo/Sligo Mart gen­er­ally sold for €2.00-2.40/kg while bull wean­lings sold from €2.40-2.80/kg. Coloured heifers ranged from €2.30-2.70/kg with good wean­lings mak­ing up to and over €3/kg. Cull cows sold up to €1,200. Suck­ler springers made up to €1,700. Friesian bull c al ves peaked at €120. Con­ti­nen­tal bull and heifer calves made from €330-550.

Bul­locks were sell­ing for €1.95-2.75/kg at Maam Cross Mart. Heifers made from €1.603.05/kg. Prices for wean­lings ranged from €1.60-3.25/kg. Cull cows sold for €1.25-1.85/kg.

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