Fac­to­ries move in for the kill on lower quotes

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Steers Heifers Cull Cows Young Bulls FAC­TO­RIES have been as clin­i­cal as the Dublin foot­ball team were in their dom­i­na­tion of Ty­rone on Sun­day in their re­cent ex­e­cu­tion of price re­duc­tions.

They’ve also had a good ally in the weather. Leav­ing the floods ex­pe­ri­enced by north Done­gal out of the equa­tion, the rest of the coun­try has ex­pe­ri­enced about three weeks of misty and at times wet weather with very lit­tle dry­ing. It’s a bad com­bi­na­tion when you have heavy or fac­tory fit stock on the land.

Re­ports from across the coun­try in­di­cate that while the fac­to­ries are get­ting the num­bers — 35,000 last week — they are in some places hav­ing to work a lit­tle to get them.

As to the price, while west of the Shan­non prices have dipped on to a base of €3.80/kg for bul­locks and €3.90/kg for heifers, it is not un­heard of for a few to be mixed in at €3.85/kg and €3.95/kg ei­ther.

Mov­ing fur­ther east and south, the price for cat­tle pre­sented yes­ter­day were gen­er­ally that 5c/kg bet­ter at €3.85/kg and €3.95/kg. That said, a lot of plants were also quot­ing that €3.80/kg for bul­locks for the rest of the week, with heifers sim­i­larly eas­ier at €3.90/kg.

How­ever, I’ve had re­ports from sell­ers who drew back from deals at those lower prices and who sub­se­quently got phone calls to say that they would still get the “old” €3.85-3.95 price later in the week if they hadn’t done a deal some­where else.

The feel­ing be­ing ex­pressed by some in the trade is that last week saw the start of the “back­end” trade with a lot of new sell­ers hit­ting the mar­ket with their first draw.

Mov­ing to the bulls af­ter hold­ing steady on a base of €4.00/kg for the last while the un­der-16 month bull this week dips on to a €3.95/ kg base. Bulls from 16 to 24-months see their price also ease that 54c/kg with Us on €3.95/kg, Rs on €3.85 and Os back at €3.70-3.75/kg.

The cull cow stays as she was last week with Rs on €3.40-3.45/kg, Os are be­ing quoted at €3.30/kg in some places but deals be­ing done at €3.40/kg, while P grades con­tinue on a spread from €3.00-3.20/kg.

In summary, the num­bers are get­ting big­ger and the fac­to­ries are to some de­gree lord­ing it, a bit like Dublin.

But this is a match that is never over, with some ex­pe­ri­enced ob­servers pre­dict­ing a tight­en­ing in num­bers over the com­ing months.

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