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1. In ‘The Jun­gle Book’ what type of an­i­mal is Hathi? 2. When was the movie ‘Django Un­chained’ re­leased? 3. In what county is Lor­rha?

4. Who was the last wo­man to win the No­bel Prize for Lit­er­a­ture?

5. Cy­clist Sam Ben­nett is a na­tive of what county? 6. What was the name of Grace Kelly’s char­ac­ter in ‘Dial M for Mur­der’? 7. What or­biter recorded the last space shut­tle flight? 8. Where in the hu­man body is the Lu­nate bone? 9. Who re­leased the al­bum ‘The Sel­dom Seen Kid’? 10. On a roulette wheel what colour is 35? In Fri­day’s quiz there was an is­sue with the first ques­tion, the an­swer given is in­cor­rect as the 2017 Lim­er­ick se­nior hurl­ing fi­nal hasn’t taken place and Kil­cor­mac-Kil­loughey are of course Of­faly cham­pi­ons. We are happy to clar­ify this mat­ter.

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