Cus­tomers face six-week wait for in-de­mand iPhone X

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THERE is a six-week wait­ing list for Ap­ple’s new flag­ship iPhone, which goes on sale in Ire­land this week.

The iPhone X, pro­nounced ‘iPhone ten’, is in high de­mand for its larger edge-to-edge 5.8inch screen and its fa­cial recog­ni­tion tech­nol­ogy, de­spite its €1,179 price.

It is es­ti­mated to be hold­ing back sales of Ap­ple’s other new hand­set, the iPhone 8, with many con­sumers hold­ing out for Ap­ple’s top de­vice.

The phone is avail­able to buy up­front on Ap­ple’s Ir­ish web store. The de­vice costs €1,179 for the 64GB ver­sion or €1,349 for the 256GB ver­sion, a new high for a main­stream smart­phone.

Ir­ish mo­bile op­er­a­tors are of­fer­ing dif­fer­ent deals on the 64GB edi­tion of the iPhone X. Vir­gin Mo­bile is of­fer­ing the iPhone X for €499 with a con­tract for €60 per month over two years.

Eir, for­merly known as Me­teor, is sell­ing the phone for €649 up­front with a €55-per-month tar­iff. Voda­fone is sell­ing the de­vice for €299 up­front for peo­ple will­ing to pay €80 per month as a tar­iff.

The coun­try’s largest op­er­a­tor also has a €60-a-month plan with a €599 up­front price. Mean­while, Three has a €569 up­front price and €60-a-month for two years.

Not all iPhones are ex­pe­ri­enc­ing de­lays in de­liv­ery. The iPhone 8, which is less than half the up­front price with sim­i­lar or lower monthly bill pay tar­iffs on op­er­a­tors, ap­pears to be in plen­ti­ful sup­ply.

But it is the flag­ship X model that seems to be most in de­mand. It has a new 5.8-inch Oled screen which Ap­ple calls ‘su­per retina’. How­ever, be­cause of its edge-to-edge screen de­sign, the new hand­set is smaller than the iPhone 8 Plus de­spite hav­ing a larger dis­play.

The iPhone X re­places the home but­ton with fa­cial recog­ni­tion scan­ners for un­lock­ing the phone and for pay­ing in shops. It mea­sures 30,000 fa­cial points, and can’t be fooled by beards, hats, tans or the nat­u­ral ag­ing process.

The phone’s fa­cial recog­ni­tion abil­i­ties can also be used for new ‘an­i­moji’, an­i­mated emoji that closely mimic a user’s fa­cial ex­pres­sions and which can be used within iMes­sage.

The iPhone X also has ad­vanced new cam­eras.

Iphone X launch event in Cal­i­for­nia in Septem­ber

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