We’ve a life sen­tence of griev­ing for my daugh­ter Fam­ily beg to keep evil killer locked up in prison

Fears Mol­loy will tar­get young women af­ter re­lease

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sat in the house for hours wait­ing for her to come home.

“Ciara was a card-car­ry­ing or­gan donor but he waited for hours af­ter she died to phone the po­lice. He made sure no­body else could have a piece of her. That is evil. Even though he at­tempted to de­file her body he wasn’t Micheal and Pa­tri­cia Camp­bell charged with necrophilia or rape. His name won’t be on any sex of­fend­ers’ reg­is­ter.

“He will be walk­ing out of jail free and clear and that is very scary.”

When emer­gency ser­vices called to the house in Car­low town on Novem­ber 12, 2007, they found Ciara’s naked body in the bath up­stairs. Mol­loy, who had cut his neck, was stand­ing at the top of the stairs stripped to the waist and cov­ered in blood. It later emerged that Ciara had shouted “run” to her young son Jamie who watched the hor­ror from the up­stairs land­ing be­fore hid­ing in his bed­room. Paidi said of her only child: “Our Ciara was just 22. She had the po­ten­tial for an­other 60 years. She had just gone back to col­lege to train as a beau­ti­cian. “Our girl is in the ceme­tery. She never got the chance to grow up. He’ll be out be­fore he’s 40 with the rest of his John Whe­lan, brother of stran­gled Sharon life ahead of him. When he gets out he’ll do it again. We’re rolling out lethal weapons back into the com­mu­nity and set­ting other young women up for the same fate.

“All it takes is to cross paths once with some­one like that who doesn’t want to hear ‘no’, and un­for­tu­nately it hap­pens all the time.” Paidi and Michael are now rear­ing Jamie who is



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