The look on his face as he laughed about the mur­der will stay with me for­ever

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James Heap says Ven­ables bragged that killing the two-year-old was “easy... just like go­ing to the shop”.

Ex-lag James said: “The look on Ven­ables’ face as he laughed about the mur­der will stay with me for­ever.

“He’s got this mad face when he grins, the most evil lit­tle face you’ve ever seen.

“That was enough for me – I didn’t want to hear any more of that.”

James punched Ven­ables in the face and says: “It made me want to kill him.”

He spoke af­ter Ven­ables was last week sent back to jail for hav­ing pae­dophile im­ages – and he backed calls for the killer’s new iden­tity to be re­vealed. James also re­vealed how Ven­ables: Al­most died in a sec­ond at­tack just two months af­ter the punch­ing. Re­cited hor­rific de­tails of his crime. Re­fused to show any re­morse. Lied that he was in­side for bur­glary. Threat­ened younger boys he would “go af­ter” their fam­ily when he was re­leased.

Ven­ables was 11 and James was 14 when they clashed at the Red Bank se­cure unit on Mersey­side.

James, now 39 and from Birm­ing­ham, spoke in chill­ing de­tail about his en­coun­ters with Ven­ables back in 1994.


He said: “I asked him what he was in for and he told me bur­glary. But a few days later I found out who he was and what he was re­ally in for. I was shocked.

“He was play­ing on a games con­sole when I said to him: ‘Why the hell did you do that to that kid?’

“He just laughed. I said ‘What’s so funny?’ But he just kept laugh­ing.

“I punched him in the mouth. To laugh about that is just sick. He talked about how he took the kid and how he was too good or too clever for any­one to see him. I re­mem­ber he said: ‘I done it easy’.

“He said it like it was a nor­mal thing to do, like go­ing to buy a news­pa­per. Like it was easy to him and noth­ing to him.

“It was like it didn’t mat­ter – like he was proud. There wasn’t any re­morse on his face, not one bit. No shame, noth­ing.

“It was men­tal. You’d have to hear him and see the face on him when he was say­ing it to be able to be­lieve it.”

James was on re­mand for bur­glary. Other youths at Red Bank shared his fury and Ven­ables came un­der at­tack again.

Re­call­ing the sec­ond episode, James said: “He was in the video room and a lad went in, grabbed him from be­hind and pulled him down. He had hold of him by his neck on the floor and wouldn’t let go.

“Ven­ables went pur­ple, he couldn’t breathe and his eyes were pop­ping out.

“I was think­ing ‘f ****** hell, he’s re­ally do­ing it.’ An­other 20 sec­onds and I think he’d have gone. Sud­denly one of the staff came walk­ing up the cor­ri­dor, saw what was go­ing on and pressed the riot bell.

“Loads of staff came and started drag­ging the lad off by his neck. He wouldn’t let go, but in the end they got him off.”

De­spite be­ing a tar­get, Ven­ables liked to lord it over younger de­tainees – and made vile threats about what he would do to rel­a­tives, James said.

He added: “He’d threaten other kids. He’d be go­ing ‘you watch till I get out, I’ll s**g your sis­ter, I’ll kill your mother’. ”

Ven­ables spent eight James Heap hit Ven­ables years at Red Bank. But James claimed it was a pam­pered ex­is­tence. The unit was kit­ted out with a pool ta­ble, foot­ball ta­bles, a games room with a Su­per Nin­tendo games con­sole, a TV and video player and even a full-size snooker ta­ble.

James sug­gested Ven­ables was given spe­cial treat­ment and a string of priv­i­leges, in­clud­ing his own Game Boy. He went on: “Peo­ple think Ven­ables has been pun­ished for his crime, but it wasn’t pun­ish­ment, it was priv­i­leged.

“James Bul­ger’s par­ents would have been sickened if they’d seen his life in there. They’d be so heart­bro­ken. They’ve got no jus­tice what­so­ever. He didn’t serve a sen­tence, he sat there eat­ing ice cream and jelly, watch­ing videos and laugh­ing his head off while play­ing com­puter games.

“It was like a hol­i­day camp to him. He was given spe­cial treat­ment and had ev­ery­thing in his room – mu­sic, a ra­dio, his Game Boy. He was the

Ven­ables has got the most evil face... he said killing tot was easy, like go­ing to shop JAMES HEAP WHO BAT­TERED KILLER IN DE­TEN­TION CEN­TRE


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