Should I stick with Face­book flirter?

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time he says he’s go­ing out or stays be­hind at work, or is even up late at night on the com­puter, you’re go­ing to as­sume he’s cheat­ing in some way.

So you sim­ply have to con­front it, so that you can both talk it through and fig­ure out where you both stand. Look, you read those pages be­cause they were on screen – you didn’t de­lib­er­ately hack into his ac­count.

You had no rea­son to be sus­pi­cious, but now you are!

Even if he protests that his dodgy con­ver­sa­tions with women are just sexy on­line ban­ter (cy­ber­sex, if you like), that they are not real nor mean­ing­ful, I think it is a sort of cheat­ing be­cause he is seek­ing his thrills away from you – in se­cret. It is a de­cep­tion. And now you know he has also hurt you and put your mar­riage at risk.

So don’t let him try to laugh it off. He may also try to say you’re lucky be­cause his cy­ber­sex pre­vents him from cheat­ing with a real per­son. Only you can judge whether those ar­gu­ments con­vince you. The big­ger is­sue now is trust.

Hav­ing seen what he gets up to on­line, can you trust him when he says it goes no fur­ther? If he vows to stop, can you be­lieve he will? If you can’t work it out to­gether, then try re­la­tion­ship coun­selling. Visit re­ for in­for­ma­tion.

There may be noth­ing in his seedy chats but you must con­front him, find out where you stand...

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