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Kezia and Chris Kerr ap­pear on TV this week to talk about their pain after one of their twins was still­born. Here is their story...


The 20-week scan was the first in­di­ca­tion of some­thing wrong. After a suc­cess­ful IVF cy­cle, Kezia and Chris Kerr were over­joyed at the prospect of hav­ing twins.

the scan showed twin two was grow­ing at a much smaller rate than the first.

“We could tell by the fact the at­mos­phere changed there was some­thing not right,” re­calls Chris.

Kezia adds: “We were gut­ted and heart­bro­ken. It was hor­ren­dous. We had no idea what could be wrong, I did a lot of cry­ing. ”

The cou­ple – who spoke dur­ing Baby Loss Aware­ness Week, high­lighted by the Ir­ish Mir­ror – were re­ferred to the spe­cial­ist unit at Lon­don’s UCL Hos­pi­tal.

Chris says: “We were told twin two could con­tinue to grow and might reach 500grams (1.1lb), where they would con­sider tak­ing both twins out pre­ma­turely.

“An­other op­tion was for the sec­ond twin to grow at a nor­mal pat­tern. And the third was they may sadly pass away.”

For two months the cou­ple clung to hope their child wouldn’t be the one in 200 UK ba­bies to be still­born. They had a dou­ble buggy and had cho­sen names.

Kezia says: “I had hope un­til the day we were told she was no longer alive. Her heart was beat­ing so how could I not have hope?”

Chris adds: “We could feel her mov­ing around and we could feel her kick­ing. We were cheer­ing her on and pray­ing for her ev­ery night.

“We kept go­ing for scans and each time the news was not good and our hopes started to dwin­dle but still we kept be­liev­ing.”

On the day of her 29-week scan Kezia, a chil­dren’s com­mu­nity nurse, woke with “a re­ally hor­ri­ble feel­ing”. Her in­stinct, sadly, was right. At the scan, the cou­ple were told twin two had died. Chris says: “Even though we knew it could be point­ing in that di­rec­tion, noth­ing re­ally pre­pares you. We cried buck­et­loads.”

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