Dear teacher,

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IWAS a Ju­nior Cert stu­dent in your school. I have autism ADHD, ODD, and had an SNA. You told me so many times that I would never amount to any­thing and would fail my Ju­nior Cert.

Well Sir, you took a year out be­fore I got my re­sults: H8 O2.

My fam­ily asked if I wanted to go out with my friends to cel­e­brate. I said what I would like most would be to meet you, Sir, show you my re­sults and try to get it out of my head, “You will never amount to any­thing and never pass your Ju­nior Cert”.

I also have done my Leav­ing Cert and I hope to go to col­lege.

The other teach­ers say I have ma­tured into a lovely young gen­tle­man, but when I try to sleep at night, it just keeps go­ing round and round in my head, “You will never amount to any­thing.”

I am glad I proved you wrong and I hope you think twice be­fore you pass judg­ment on another stu­dent, never mind a stu­dent who has spe­cial needs.


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