Mis­chief and may­hem in the coun­try

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HELLO, I’m Rocco. I’m a 15-month-old golden re­triever. I live with a young fam­ily in the coun­try where there is lots of room to get up to mis­chief. My life has been one big ad­ven­ture so far.

If I was to have my dream meal it would be like this: Starters — I would chew my way through the sad­dles and tyres of the kids’ bikes; Mains — I would munch through the wooden seats on the swings; Dessert — I would eat the car­pet off my own bed, which I may add is nailed down, so it can be chal­leng­ing!

Guess what? I did all that. It was de­li­cious. I also eat dog food but it is a bit bland. My other achieve­ments are help­ing with the re­cy­cling, as I can some­times man­age to knock over the bin and chase the pa­pers and plas­tic around the gar­den.

I also love play­ing in the tree house, as I can climb up the lad­der and slide down the slide, just like the chil­dren I live with. I like gar­den­ing as it is great fun dig­ging and un­plant­ing young trees and shrubs. I en­joy sit­ting on the trac­tor lawn­mower and chew­ing the steer­ing wheel.

I am very friendly, I greet every­one I meet with a friendly bark and a wag of my tail. Some­times I chase the birds but they are no fun be­cause they are too fast and fly away.

My favourite pas­time is chew­ing shoes or boots, if I can get away with it — and I usu­ally do!

Oh, I for­got to men­tion, I am a very good-look­ing dog but I am also a very clever one. Once I helped one of the kids with their home­work. I sharp­ened all the pen­cils and ev­ery­thing else in their pen­cil case in­clud­ing rub­bers, rulers, Biros and sharp­en­ers. Sharp­en­ers do not taste very nice so they would not be my first choice next time. I do not think the fam­ily were too pleased with me.

I love when the girls play dolls out­side and some­times if I am lucky they will get dis­tracted and I can make my move, start to run, grab a doll and run off down the gar­den. I usu­ally get a great chase from them and oc­ca­sion­ally the dad comes out with a sweep­ing brush but I think that’s a bit crazy be­cause what would you want a sweep­ing brush in the gar­den for?

He is great to give a chase but he is still not quick enough to catch me, I sup­pose only hav­ing two legs must be a downfall.

One day I de­cided to climb out over the front wall to fol­low my fam­ily but I got a big fright at all the traf­fic, so I de­cided home is the best place.

I should go now and get back to what I do best; get­ting up to lots of mis­chief and cause loads of may­hem. Laura Far­ris­sey (10), Mal­low, Co Cork

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