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Sir — Hav­ing par­tic­i­pated in many pro-life marches, I can­not re­call any re­ceiv­ing the ex­po­sure granted to last week­end’s pro­choice march, es­pe­cially by RTE. The pro-life march held in June, which was ac­knowl­edged as hav­ing be­tween 60,000 and 80,000 tak­ing part, was barely re­ported. No re­port was made of it be­ing di­verted down along the quays, or of one im­por­tant speaker, Karen Gaffney, the first Down syn­drome per­son to have re­ceived a PhD. By the way, Eilis O’Han­lon (Sun­day In­de­pen­dent, Oc­to­ber 1) is in­cor­rect to claim that “only a small num­ber of such ba­bies are aborted in Bri­tain”. It’s more than 90pc.

Hav­ing been in­volved in pro­life for a long time, and kept up to date on mat­ters re­lat­ing to the pro­tec­tion of life, I was stunned to see Ms O’Han­lon’s claim that only 5pc of peo­ple are op­posed to abor­tion in all cir­cum­stances.

Does her “lim­ited moder­ate change” equate to some ba­bies be­ing deemed dis­pos­able and oth­ers not?

Who de­cides? I thought that prac­tice was rather un­pop­u­lar af­ter the Nazi regime.

She adds in­sult to in­jury with ref­er­ence to “Catholic in­duced ig­no­rance”.

As a knowl­edge­able Catholic on this sub­ject, I take grave of­fence at that. Just be­cause a foe­tus, or lit­tle one, is just a small clus­ter of cells to be­gin with, al­though with a heart­beat at 21 days, does it not de­serve pro­tec­tion; and to sug­gest that it should be easy to ac­cept abor­tion at this stage rather than later, smacks of cover-up, and I thought we were no longer will­ing to ac­cept cover up but only to­tal trans­parency.

What is wrong with the pro­tec­tion of both mother and baby in the Eighth Amend­ment, and which has saved very many lives?

What is right with the de­lib­er­ate killing of a baby in the womb? How have we come to a point where it is be­ing of­fered as ad­mirable to kill an un­born baby?

With all the hype en­gen­dered by the slo­gan “re­peal the Eighth”, you would think it was some­thing to strive for. I won­der how many who shout this slo­gan re­alise what it en­tails and the con­se­quences of re­peal­ing the amend­ment?

Should it be re­pealed we will end up like Bri­tain where up to 200,000 abor­tions take place an­nu­ally and with lit­tle hope of row­ing back on this prac­tice. Ms O’Han­lon re­ferred to sex se­lec­tion abor­tions. Ef­forts were made last year to have them banned but with­out suc­cess. It is more than strange that no crit­i­cism is ever made of this prac­tice de­spite the fact, al­luded to by Ms O’Han­lon, that most are fe­male ba­bies.

Of course, any row­ing back on this might un­der­mine the whole multi-mil­lion abor­tion busi­ness. Mary Ste­wart (Mrs),

Done­gal Town

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