...and no space to use his walker in room

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DAVID lives with cere­bral palsy and re­lies on his walker and a wheel­chair to get around. His pae­di­a­tri­cian has writ­ten let­ters to the coun­cil say­ing that he re­quires ‘con­sid­er­able equip­ment in or­der to mo­bilise’ and that he needs space to func­tion.

A walker re­quires a lot of space as David must turn in a wide cir­cle to point him­self in a new di­rec­tion.

In­stead, to get to the bath­room, he uses the dresser as a bal­ance to reach the sofa bed which, when ex­tended, pro­vides a fur­ther bal­anc­ing aid so he can reach the bath­room door. He then hauls him­self us­ing the doorhan­dle into an up­right po­si­tion, and reaches for the sink to pull him­self into the bath­room.

And in place of spe­cial­ly­de­signed chairs, he sprawls on the ground to write his home­work. The only other op­tion is trekking to the li­brary which his mother does as of­ten as is fea­si­ble and there he can pull his wheel­chair up to a desk.

The B&B has a com­mu­nal sit­ting area but it’s lo­cated up­stairs and there are no lifts.

DISGRACEFUL: David has very lit­tle space in the B&B and has to do his home­work on the floor

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