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11 An ex­er­cise ma­chine that con­sists of a con­tin­u­ous mov­ing belt (9) 12 A large and lux­u­ri­ous car, es­pe­cially one with a glass divi­sion be­tween the driver and pas­sen­gers (9) 13 King of Northum­bria who con­verted to Chris­tian­ity (5) 14 The large round fruit of a cu­cur­bita­ceous plant, hav­ing thick, orange rind, pulpy flesh and nu­mer­ous seeds (7) 15 Ge­orges ---, French Ro­man­tic com­poser and pi­anist best known for the 1875 opera Car­men (5) 16 Charles ---, 19th Cen­tury his­to­rian and nov­el­ist who wrote the chil­dren’s clas­sic The Wa­ter-Ba­bies (8) 18 Paint­ings or pho­tographs de­pict­ing nat­u­ral scenery (10) 22 A town in New York State, which gave its name to a rock fes­ti­val in Au­gust 1969 (9) 24 A small, thick, corkscrew­shaped pasta (7) 27 Small bunt­ing, once re­garded as a del­i­cacy on French menus (7) 28 In an­cient Greece, a pas­sion­ate cho­ral hymn in hon­our of Diony­sus (9) 30 Mu­si­cal term mean­ing very loud (10) 32 Elec­tri­cal ap­pli­ance used to pluck out un­wanted hairs (8) 35 A cell or or­gan that syn­the­sises chem­i­cal sub­stances and se­cretes them for the body to ei­ther use or elim­i­nate (5) 37 A repub­lic in North West Africa, on the Mediter­ranean (7) 38 In­de­pen­dent is­land state about half­way be­tween Hawaii and New Zealand (5) 39 Ar­turo ---, Ital­ian con­duc­tor; mu­sic di­rec­tor of the NBC Sym­phony Or­ches­tra 1937-1954 (9) 40 Amer­i­can golfer who won five Open Cham­pi­onships in the 1970s and ’80s (3,6)


1 (Of ba­con) hav­ing al­ter­nate layers of meat and fat (7) 2 Cum­brian lake, home to St Her­bert’s Is­land (12) 3 East of ---, 1952 Stein­beck novel about the Trasks and the Hamil­tons (4) 4 A wooden plug form­ing a flue in the end of a pipe, as the mouth­piece of a recorder (6) 5 Gus­tav ---, Aus­trian sym­bol­ist pain­ter whose works in­cluded The Kiss (5) 6 Re­in­forced sleeve­less gar­ments worn for pro­tec­tion against gun­fire or shrap­nel (4,7) 7 A term used at the end of a prayer (4) 8 The largest Cana­dian prov­ince by area (6) 9 César ---, Swiss hote­lier, founder of fa­mous estab­lish­ments in Paris and Lon­don (4) 10 The tech­ni­cal name for whoop­ing cough (9) 17 The cap­i­tal of South Korea, lo­cated on the Han River (5) 19 An­i­mated black duck orig­i­nally voiced by Mel Blanc (5) 20 Med­i­cal spe­cial­ist who takes blood from pa­tients (12) 21 New York Yankees base­ball player who mar­ried Mar­i­lyn Mon­roe in 1954 (3,8) 23 Song of ---, another name for the Old Tes­ta­ment book Song of Solomon (5) 25 A piece of fab­ric or knit­ted ma­te­rial worn around the shoul­ders (5) 26 In­stances of close quar­ters com­bat be­tween fighter air­craft (9) 29 In Greek myths, the daugh­ter of Mi­nos and Pasiphae, who helped Th­e­seus find his way out of the Mino­taur’s labyrinth (7) 31 The --- Ocean is bor­dered by Africa in the West and Asia in the North (6) 33 The col­lec­tion of 150 sa­cred songs in the Old Tes­ta­ment (6) 34 A soup made by boil­ing meat, fish, veg­eta­bles in wa­ter (5) 36 A domed or vaulted re­cess, es­pe­cially at the East end of a church (4) 37 Fleshy seed cov­er­ing, such as those of the yew and nut­meg (4) 38 The for­mer name of Thai­land (4)

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