Supreme Court fi­asco teaches us de­cency should be the norm, not the bravura ex­cep­tion

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The on­slaught on de­cency dis­played by US Sen­a­tors dur­ing the re­cent con­fir­ma­tion hear­ings for Judge Brett Ka­vanaugh has left a foul af­ter­taste with any­one truly con­cerned with demo­cratic con­cepts of due process or, more ba­si­cally, the no­tion that one is in­no­cent un­til proven guilty.

Democrats, once the couri­ers of fair play and equal­ity, have be­come pil­lars of venom and char­ac­ter as­sas­si­na­tion. Once re­spected politi­cians, they have be­come pur­vey­ors of gos­sip, in­nu­endo, sala­cious tit­il­la­tion and out­right lies.

Cred­i­bil­ity means noth­ing to them any longer for they have lost sight of its real mean­ing.

Deep anger has re­placed rea­son and their war cry of a scorched earth pol­icy has a one-note ring to it: De­stroy. De­stroy lives, de­stroy ca­reers, de­stroy rep­u­ta­tions and ul­ti­mately de­stroy de­cency.

Em­pa­thy was top­pled by self-serv­ing in­ter­ests. Democrats have been play­ing the re­venge game since they lost the 2016 Pres­i­den­tial Elec­tion when their Queen did not get the coronation she so fool­ishly ex­pected and felt en­ti­tled to.

They want power so badly you can prac­ti­cally smell it on them and have now shown they are will­ing to do any­thing to get it.

Note to the Democrats: Any­one who wants power badly should never be per­mit­ted to have it be­cause they will be the first to abuse it.

Se­na­tor Su­san Collins of Maine is be­ing cheered for her stun­ning call for de­cency dur­ing the fi­nal Sen­ate vote on Judge Ka­vanaugh. Her sen­ti­ments should be the norm, not the bravura ex­cep­tion.

The Democrats failed mis­er­ably and ab­jectly (again) in their quest to de­rail a good man. Brett Ka­vanaugh is now Mr Jus­tice Ka­vanaugh of the United States Supreme Court. They hate the taste of their own fail­ure.

They should know by now that re­venge is a bad mo­tive to do any­thing. Fail­ure is now a reg­u­lar op­tion for the Democrats and come the mid-term elec­tions next month in Amer­ica, they will be chok­ing on fail­ure.

They should have cho­sen de­cency. De­cency should al­ways be the norm.

Yours Sin­cerely,

Tom Cahill Ballinskelligs

Pres­i­dent Trump shakes hands with suc­cess­ful Supreme Court nom­i­nee, Brett Ka­vanaugh

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